More about Faraz Wadhwania

VC, DevX Venture Fund

Former Chief Investment Officer, Intents Mobi

An intellectual, hard-working, non-political value-adding member of the team. I have worked for more than FIVE different sectors just to understand that it requires you to be agile and enthusiastic to learn & contribute.

An MBA from Institute of Management, Nirma University I started working on my venture right from my graduation days and by the time I cleared the course, I already had my business up and running.

An entrepreneur turned ecosystem supporter trying to help budding startups in their journey that justifies my position that talks about "Innovation" and "Investment".

I am always up for a conversation over a coffee to discuss more about your startup!

It's your ability to produce leaders that make you stand out from others in the race.

DevX Venture Fund portfolio:

- Quixote Automotive Technologies: Connected Cars (Exited to Spinny)
- BigSpoon Foods: Cloud Kitchen
- Financepeer: Fintech (EdTech Lending) (Exited)
- The Healthy Company: D2C (Nutritional Healthcare)
- ExtraaEdge Technologies: Edtech Marketing SaaS
- Intents Mobi Technologies: Mobility & Transportation
- Plutomen Technologies: AR/VR for Enterprise SaaS
- SupplyNote (AdCount Technologies): HoReCa SaaS Platform
- Flo Mobility: Autonomous Tech Platform for Micro-mobility 
- Apeksha Gourmet Jar (TGJ): D2C (Food & Beverage)
- Growfitter: Health & Wellness

Apply on:

- Deal Sourcing and Curating suitable Startups for Accelerator Program & DVF
- Connecting with Angel Investors and VC’s to onboard them to DVF for co-investing opportunities.
- Strategising and supporting Fund avenues at DVF.

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: