Open for AllAhmedabad

Ahmedabad Startup Summit

October 13


Gujarat University Senate Hall, Tower Building, University Area, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009.
eChai Ventures and GUSEC will be hosting the Ahmedabad Startup Summit.

It will have panel discussions and startup demos.

- Startup Growth Stories panel
ft., Cricheroes, Smytten, Tatkalorry, Bummer

- Fundraising for Startups panel
ft. DevX Venture Fund, GVFL, Iroller Capital

- eChai Startup Demo Day

This meetup is free and open for all.
Featured participants:
Featured companies:
Online Food Ordering Product Suite for Native Audiences
ShowMyParking - India's Award Winning First Public Smart Parking Application
We’re a Bharat-based early-stage startup transforming Medical Communication. We’re thrilled to introduce you to our groundbreaking SAAS-based platform, designed to empower every stakeholder within the healthcare ecosystem.
My Equation
" A skill tech firm offering vocational training for core engineering "
Gavyam Gentech
Revolutionizing cattle breeding and management with innovation and precision
Learnkin is an educational company which specializes in crafting engaging and innovative early learning kits designed to inspire children's curiosity, creativity, and lifelong love for learning.
Sikern Semiconductor
Sikern designs and manufactures MEMS microphones for various applications like smartphones, IOT, Hearing aids, headphones, Smart speakers, Machine Learning etc.
India Recycles
Sustainable & Zero waste management solution that creates affordable market for poor while promoting social change
Eco Impulse
We help Solar Plants Harness more Energy and Monitor their Assests.
ECOrrect manufactures and supplies biodegradable granules to replace single-use plastic.
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network.

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