Gopinathan C P - Co-Founder, 361 Degree Minds

Gopinathan C P

Co-Founder, 361 Degree Minds

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Gopi as an educator is in the pursuit of bringing excellence to scalable education models and making learning accountable. He is now working on merging behavioral science and AI technologies for bringing true personalization in online learning.

With 25 years of work in the adult-learning space, his rich experience comprises understanding business environments and individual contexts to design & deliver strategic interventions and leadership building programs to more than 150 organizations for managers from 20 different nationalities across the world.

He’s been in hundreds of physical and digital classrooms with CXOs, senior to first time managers, competitive exam aspirants, college students, parents, teachers, and scientists. He’s been an invited speaker in global and national forums attended by parliamentarians, entrepreneurs and global academic leaders. 

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