Karan Garg

Co-Founder, Anticube Coworking Spaces

More about Karan Garg

A multi-faceted individual with a diverse background and a passion for intellectually stimulating conversations. I have a versatile range of experiences behind me and I have always been drawn to the idea of bringing people together and creating a community where ideas and knowledge can be shared. This led me to co-found Anticube Coworking Spaces, where we aim to build a great community and provide a seamless workspace that inspires focus, creativity and productivity.

My past experiences include working in the field of financial restructuring with Hale Global in New York and London. I specialized in turning around troubled companies in the TMT sector through technological innovation and financial restructuring. My love for finance, number-crunching, and mentally stimulating work continues to drive me, as I continue to consult with the same company.

In my previous role at Shakti Metallics Pvt. Ltd., I had a strong track record of success in driving operations, sales, and marketing efforts. I was responsible for implementing new processes, brand building, sales and marketing, and ensuring efficiency and productivity. I also played an instrumental role in launching new verticals (gifting and homeware segments) and creating new products that were well received and successfully created new profit centers.

I am a voracious reader and I love reading about history, philosophy and other social sciences along with some fiction. Get me talking about philosophy, mythology, and history, and I am sure I'll leave you mesmerized with some interesting facts and stories. Want to discuss financial modelling and get onto that excel sheet for some crazy number crunching? I am your guy. I am also always up for some insane experimentation with food and love experiencing different cuisines and cultures with Japanese food being my absolute favorite. And when it comes to travelling, I am big on backpacking around the globe. I like learning survival bits of different languages of places to travel to; and plan to learn them one day. I also balance well with being high on energy and enthusiasm while also remaining calm and composed while delving deep into my thoughts.

So, if you are looking for an intellectually stimulating conversation, an exciting adventure, or just someone to share ideas and knowledge with, I am the perfect person for you. Let's connect and see where our stimulating conversations take us!

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