Kiran Patil - Co-Founder, Global Vistar

Kiran Patil

Co-Founder, Global Vistar

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Entrepreneur + Content Strategist. Building Global Vistar - The Largest Platform for Product Distribution

I'm Kiran.
A Startup Founder of a platform that connects distributors and manufacturers. A Creative Content Writer. And a New Food Product Developer. 
And I'm passionate about executing ideas no matter if they fail. 
I love learning and listening to stories everyone has to share.
I started my career as a Food Quality Intern at Baskin Robbins. Keeping good experience in research and developing new food products, I got the opportunity to win a National award for one of my product development. 
I have great experience in learning through practice and failure. 
Stay Tuned!

Recently in a eChai Ventures Meetup one of our speakers Dr. Vidhi Bhanushali mentioned a term called Cockroach Startup🪳. Unlike a beautiful and elegant unicorn, a cockroach can survive in the worst of situations, even without a leg or arm! Cockroaches are creatures that have also survived the mass destruction of dinosaurs.

In the mass destruction of funding drought, VC Crisis in USA and bankruptcy news coming out everyday,, startups are increasingly focusing on becoming a cockroach startup than a unicorn 🦄!

How are you preparing your startup to be a cockroach?
Global Vistar is a B2B marketplace helping consumer brands build their distribution networks. We are building an end-to-end distribution platform that empowers brands, big and small.

Pranav and I, co-founders of Global Vistar, are childhood friends and partners. Fast forward to 2020, fresh out of college, we stepped into the start-up world with a bunch of friends. After facing the uncertainties in the ideation stage, our friends chose conventional careers. But Pranav and I were gritty enough to stay. 

In 2021, we started with an e-commerce platform for good foods. However, the real struggle of the food manufacturers was distribution rather than e-commerce exposure. That realization pivoted our course, and Global Vistar was born.

Our roles naturally unfolded as we faced challenges - Pranav, has a keen eye for execution, and I, have a strategic approach. This creates a harmony of action and vision at Global Vistar. 

We have been starting up for four years. Today, Global Vistar is at its early stage looking for early traction for its MVP. 

From thick and thin, our perspectives, patience, camaraderie, and resilience as co-founders have only grown stronger.
It's an event of miracle when you find Friends who are Visionaries and Founders who are Friends. But the rarest event is when you find all of it together.✨

Hosted an eChai Ventures Masterclass on Agri Startups with one such team of The Farm - P Ritesh Sarvesh Ghangale and @Dinesh Mandhare.

Talked about the power rural entrepreneurs can bring to the startup economy. And inspired many to start their Agri Startup.

Very interesting and insightful! One of the Houseful and Loved eChai Meetup in PCMC!

Thank You Pimpri Chinchwad Startup Incubation Centre Uday Deo and Aditya Masare for making this Masterclass Successful! 🚀💯💯⚡
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