More about Michelle Perez Patel

Michelle Perez Patel is the founder of SatisFIND®, a platform powered by real customers, enabling better business performance at the frontline transforming insights from customers and employees into store-level SatisACTION plans and on-demand upskilling to accelerate results.

Over the last 15 years leading SatisFIND®, Michelle has worked with small and large businesses in the service industry to improve their understanding of their customer and frontline experiences.

Michelle has been a true advocate of leadership and service excellence, and her vision of giving both customers and employees the voice to help businesses grow led to SatisFIND evolving into an expert platform for businesses and frontliners, powered by real customers.

Michelle served as a consultant to the Department of Tourism in the Philippines for the milestone project that launched the Star Accreditation system to rate hotels and resorts across the country. She is a prolific public speaker on customer service and employee engagement topics. 

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: