Ming Xia HO

Head of Global Community, Draper Startup House

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Human work in progress | Enabling ONE MILLION entrepreneurs | Community, Startups, VCs & Ecosystem building | Low-/No-code advocate

Human being heading global expansion, community, partnerships, marketing and tech strategy at DSH, 25+ locations & counting.

For a living, I map out startup ecosystems around the world and meet travelling entrepreneurs solving the world's problems while learning from investors. Along the way, I build communities that serve the needs and support the founder journey.

I geek out on startup communities, entrepreneur tourism, discomfort zones, and solo female adventures 🚀

(and also enjoy data storytelling. Curious about: experience design, user journeys, product management)


Xia is the Head of Global Community and a Ventures Associate at Draper Startup House. On a mission to enable one million entrepreneurs, she is passionate about ecosystem building and bringing greater value through collaborations that empower.

Learning from entrepreneurs to turn dreams into reality, Xia picked up no-code along the way. She is a big believer that it will drive progress by enabling action to founders across all fields (technical and non-technical) through democratising access to tech tools.


Unless having met in person before, please at least add a "🚀" in the connection request.

Skillset and things I provide expertise on:
- workflow strategy and automation
- scaling and launching new cities
- community building
- startup ecosystem building 
- low code, no-code tools
- business partnering
- project and operations management (incl. running UATs, initiating and implementing systems, SOPs, data analytics)
- marketing strategy (social media, events, PR, communications, branding, content creation, copywriting, design)
- pitchdeck refining, startup fundraising
- VCs
- networking

Featured speaker at previous eChai events: