Priya Tolasariya

Co-Founder, Anticube Coworking Spaces

More about Priya Tolasariya

Meet Priya Tolasariya, a serial entrepreneur, Chartered Accountant, and professional pastry chef who is known for her multi-faceted skills and continuous pursuit of learning and growth.

 As the founder of multiple businesses, Priya is experienced in operations, management, brand building, and marketing. In her free time, she enjoys reading, indulging in the arts, and writing, which she finds to be a soulful experience. Priya's adventurous spirit also led her to try new activities, such as horse riding. 

With a strong focus on honesty, hard work, and enthusiasm, Priya is dedicated to facing and overcoming challenges. Currently, Priya is the founder of Anticube Coworking Spaces, a company that aims to bring a fresh perspective to coworking while providing a wide range of value-added services and offerings. Connect with Priya on LinkedIn to learn more about her professional journey and diverse skill set.

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