Raza Noorani - Founder, Impero IT Services

Raza Noorani

Founder, Impero IT Services

More about Raza Noorani

Known for giving folks the best technical advice in town, Raza is the CEO & founder of Impero IT Services, an Ahmedabad based app development boutique! 

Working with some incredible group of people at Impero, Raza and his tech squad are on the voyage to create exceptional softwares that help people worldwide do more exciting things efficiently & faster!

Their attention to detail while developing customised software to manage equipment at 12+ battalions, has seen them accredited with a ‘Certificate of Excellence’ from the Indian Army. Moreover, their apps have constantly topped the list, with one of the apps also being adopted by Google. Also their apps have been selected for mentorship by Melinda & Bill Gates foundation and picked as a Top Startup at the International Web Summit by Werner Vogels (Amazon’s CTO). 

That’s not it; Impero has been featured in Forbes for delivering exceptional, magnificent solutions. Having assisted some very excellent ideas, Impero’s software outsourcing model is unique because it has a physical presence in Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia, and that makes them different from the rest. 

Apart from marvellously leading Impero, Raza likes giving motivational speeches and enjoys travelling and eating way around the world.

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