Riddhi Sharma - Founder & CEO, BabyOrgano

Riddhi Sharma

Founder & CEO, BabyOrgano

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An IT professional turned Mompreneur, Riddhi Sharma is the CEO and Founder of BabyOrgano, a leading Ayurvedic baby care and wellness brand based out of Ahmedabad.

BabyOrgano is India’s first dedicated Ayurvedic baby care and wellness brand focussing on revamping Ayurveda for the modern mothers with hassle free, handy solutions for generic issues of infants, toddlers and kids.
Riddhi launched BabyOrgano in 2019 with the co-founder Ripul Sharma and since then the duo is working on bridging the gap between Ayurveda and modern mothers. 
Strong foundation, Innovation, Problem-Solving and rooting with culture are not just business verbs for Riddhi, but the essence and inspiration of what she does.

For the first time, BabyOrgano | India's First Dedicated Ayurvedic Baby Care Health and Wellness Brand went for the campus placement!!

This is something that I had on my bucket list forever. In a world, where every company is asking for some experience, we are willing to be the one who gives experience to the young talent.

My Co-founder, HR and our Digital Marketing Manager went to St Kabir Institute of Professional Studies, Ahmedabad and let me tell you, it was a great experience.

I never expected students to be so aware of marketing, business and startup culture. We had some good conversations with some of the smartest students I have ever met.

We learned a lot about Gen Z’s professional behaviour and their expectations from the corporate world.

All in all, it was a day of learning!!

We have met some talented individuals and we will be hiring some of them for the required roles.

We are excited to welcome them to our BabyOrgano | India's First Dedicated Ayurvedic Baby Care Health and Wellness Brand family and help them grow their skills and careers.

We believe in nurturing young talent and giving them the opportunity to work on innovative and impactful projects.

Also, we are grateful to the St Kabir Institute of Professional Studies for hosting us and being so welcoming and supportive.
Notes for founders raising funds for the first time

BabyOrgano has raised the funds from DevX Ventures.

During our pitches to various investors, we've recognized that the transparency of our business model and the founder's honesty have been pivotal in garnering positive responses.

Key pointers:

  • Clearly specify the fundraising goal and provide a detailed plan outlining how the funds will be strategically deployed in future initiatives.

  • Demonstrate unshakeable confidence in your product idea and vision, even if it appears ambitious or unconventional to others.

  • Prioritise transparency by openly acknowledging any potential challenges or drawbacks. Build trust with prospective investors through honest and straightforward communication.
And the most promising D2C start-up of the year award goes to…

BabyOrgano | India's First Dedicated Ayurvedic Baby Care Health and Wellness Brand.

I'm still excited about the amazing event put together by eChai Ventures and DevX.

It was filled with energy, and I was surrounded by a group of amazing entrepreneurs determined to create an impact.

The best part of the evening? Definitely get to talk with experienced entrepreneurs, especially Udit Goenka.

Our casual chat turned into a valuable lesson on effective marketing and the important details of running a successful business.

The event wasn't just about listening and learning – it was hands-on.

We played interesting games that were not only fun but also gave practical insights into solving problems creatively.
The pitch sessions taught us a lot about how to communicate effectively, and each entrepreneur had something special to share.

What really stood out was the lively and collaborative atmosphere.

It wasn't just about individual success stories; it was about creating a supportive community where ideas flowed freely.

It felt like a big brainstorming session, and I left with new perspectives on building a brand and being an entrepreneur.

Once again, big thanks to Jatin and the eChai Ventures team for making this happen!
Also, a shout-out to Umesh Uttamchandani and the DevX team for providing such a fantastic venue. 

They did a great job recognizing the efforts of startups and showed a real passion for creating a supportive environment for new businesses.

The event was a boost for growth, a mix of ideas, and a celebration of the entrepreneurial spirit. 

I'm grateful for the experience and can't wait to use what I've learned in my own entrepreneurial journey!
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network.

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