Saurabh Sharma

Saurabh Sharma

Founder & CEO, The Blockchain School
Featured speaker at past eChai events:
web3 Builders Meetup in Pune
Sat, Jul 9, 2022 10:30am UTC
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Co-Founder, Cryption Network
Pune, India
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Director, Legato Spaces
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Atharva Sabnis
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Vanshika Srivastava
Tech & Community Evangelist
Pune, India
Almas Sayyed
Community Building, Pune DAO
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Saurabh Sharma
Founder & CEO, The Blockchain School
Pune, India
Aditya Kasibhatla
CTO, CricInShots
Pune, India
Irfan Khan
Founder, &
Swaraj Phadtare
Senior Protocol Engineer, Web3Auth
Pune, India
Farzan Ghadially
Senator India, World Business Angels Investment Forum
Mumbai, India

More about Saurabh Sharma

I'm a diligent entrepreneur who is toiling to bring about a change in the way Indian masses learn, understand and adopt all the up-and-coming emerging technologies. Currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree into technology from Ajeenkya D.Y Patil University, Pune.

My first attempt is a blockchain focused integrated platform for e-learning, employment and career solutions in the blockchain space. I have two budding ventures in my name of which one blockchain focused Ed-Tech platform - The Blockchain School and another one is Techie Scoops.

Techie Scoops works on several ventures in parallel. We specialize in emerging tech coverage, their incentive structures, research. Furthermore, the platform also is a pool of tech-related articles.

I also have done a research in the Blockchain niche which I open-sourced and then presented in Thailand lately also published few papers in different niche with the support of my mentors. We have been partnering on Media and Knowledge fronts with several conferences from across the globe which includes Google Developer Days India, ShARE World Seminar, Blockhedge Thailand, Recruitment Tech MENA 2018, World Blockchain Summit Dubai, Malta AI Summit, WIDS (Stanford, CA Initiative) and few more.

In 2017 I’ve been invited to attend CES 2018, Las Vegas & MWC 2017, San Francisco as Research & Industry Analyst.

I have spoken at Techno philia Crypto Conference, Goa (India), Enter-Preneurship, Pune & recently got Interviewed by Business Editor at Your Story, which is India's biggest and definitive platform for startups and entrepreneurs related stories after I got featured in a book '121 Digital Beings' by Rudhrabha Mukherjee.

I enjoy building networks while traveling, discussing & hunting opportunities and talking about the future of tech & automation, so if you ever want to bounce ideas off of me, please feel free to connect: [email protected]

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