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Entigrity is a leading offshore staffing solutions provider to more than 600+ accounting and tax firms situated across North America (US and CA). The company helps small and mid-sized accounting firms hire qualified and experienced offshore staff that work from our offices in India. 

Shawn founded Entigrity in 2014 and today it works with 600+ Accounting firms in the United States and Canada. And have staffed 1200+ associates for them offshore. Entigrity has helped accounting firms in overcoming staffing challenges and building offshore teams.

Entigrity is an ISO 27001:2013 certified organization for information security, along with ISO 9001:2013 certification for Quality Management. Entigrity is also approved by NASBA, as an education partner of continuing education of CPAs.

Shawn Parikh is the Founder and CEO of Entigrity and myCPE Group. In his role, he is spearheading the company operations, cementing the foundations of Entigrity that works closely and exclusively with the accounting community globally. Shawn also oversees service conceptualization, strategy creation, administration, and finance, at the organization.

With over 15+ years of experience he spearheaded the company operations, forging the foundations of Entigrity that works closely and exclusively with the accounting community.  Shawn’s strategic vision and leadership lead to the expansion and diversification of Entigrity in several areas over the years. Shawn understood numerous staffing related challenges plaguing the accounting community.

Over the time, he has provided consultation/advice to 3000+ accountants and helped them convert some of their core challenges into opportunities. 

Shawn’s is a big advocate of small businesses, He says “Small Businesses are backbone for global economy”and that’s where his focus area was always to help small and mid-size accounting firms. 

In Fact the Idea of Entigrity was born out of the fact that Shawn wanted to help small and mid-size firms by providing them access to global staffing and help them compete with Big 4 and larger firms. Shawn really admires businesses that create or facilitate the creation of micro entrepreneurs like UBER, AIRBNB, Urban Company etc.

These Small and Mid-Size firms cannot come to India and build their own offices as they don't have the deep pockets as of Big 4 firms. And also it would be difficult for them to handle local challenges and attract the talent pool. So they need a trusted partner, a partner who can hire the right people for them, understand their requirements and also can handle the data security confidentiality. 

Shawn has been actively involved in many accounting community events and forums and voicing his thoughts on various subjects in accounting industry, some of them are

  • Remote Working & Offshore Hiring for Accounting firms

  • Practice Management & Development

  • LinkedIn Marketing for Accountants

  • How offshoring can bring Multi-dimensional transformation change in Accounting practices.

  • Subscription based pricing key to scale.

  • How to implement MRR(Monthly Recurring Revenue) in Accounting firms

  • Building a Niche in Accounting Space.

  • Pricing Strategies for Accounting Firms.

  • Cobra Approach to Accounting firms growth

  • Integrating CFO & Advisory services for Accounting firms

  • How Data Analytics is going to be the future for Accounting firms.

  • CAAS ( Clients Accounting and Advisory services ) Implementation in Accounting firms

  • Build a 60% net margin Client Accounting Service Business

  • CAS & Advisory Practice services for accounting firms

  • Accountants need to think like Entrepreneurs

  • Lesson for Accountants from Two COVID tax season.

About myCPE:

Shawn is also a co-founder of myCPE. myCPE is Online Continuing Education Platform. Today this platform has 250,000+ members and is a rapidly developing CPE platform in the United States.

myCPE began its eventful journey in June 2019. Since then, it has never looked back! The first ever webinar held by myCPE gathered 12 attendees, a number which has swollen exponentially over the last 2 years to make myCPE the fastest growing e-learning platform in the USA.

Today, myCPE offers over 5000 hours of content covering practically all topics related to accounting, tax and finance. It is also the only online platform that provides Continuing Education for 50+ titles globally. 30+ live webinars are held daily. 

All the content on myCPE is approved by American regulatory bodies such as the IRS, ASBA, CFP Board, NYSED, TSBPA, SHRM, ACFE, APA and many more. myCPE offers the perfect place for Educators, Speakers, Influencers & Content Creators to build credibility and establish themselves as Subject Matter Experts. 

Realizing and owning up the responsibility to make the world a better place, myCPE has come up with an ingenious and path-breaking concept of 1 credit=1 meal. Under the 1 Credit= 1 Meal program, myCPE provides a free meal to an underserved person for each credit earned on this platform. myCPE has donated 500,000+ meals so far.

Entigrity’s Foundation:

Entigrity Foundation is a purpose led company where one of core focus areas is to have a positive impact on the society and community around us. Entigrity Foundation is principally engaged in two initiatives - Food Kit Distribution and Children Education.

Entigrity Foundation started Food Kit Distribution initiative in Feb 2019. Since Pandemic they have multiplied their efforts and they are distributing 250 Food Kits a week to underserved and less fortunate. They have distributed more than 10000+ food kits and we are still continuing our efforts.

In the area of Children Education they have taken a pledge that for every remote staff getting hired, they will adopt education of 1 Child. They started this last year in May 2019 and so far they are supporting 300+ underprivileged children in their fees and education.

Favorite books/websites/podcasts/speakers that you find influential:

  1. Annual Letters of Berkshire Hathway          

  2. The Wealthy Accountant

  3. Putting Stories to Work: Shawn Callahan

  4. Shrimad Bhagavad Gita

  5. Coffee Can Investing: Saurabh Mukherjee

  6. The Competitive Advantage: Michael Porter

  7. The Intelligent Investor: Ben Graham

  8. Preaching’s of Shree Krishna

  9. Blue Ocean Shift Beyond Competing


1.  How to Implement Subscription Based Pricing for Accounting Firms.

2. How To Run Your Accounting firm Like a SAAS Business | Monthly Recurring Revenue

3.    Successfully Integrating Your Offshore and Onsite Teams.
4.    How Offshoring Staffing Solves 70% of Your Problems.
5.    Is Bigger Actually Better?
6.    Is Your Firm Sustainable for the Future?
7.    How Pandemic has changed the Stigma on Offshore Hiring of Accounting Firms.

eChai Socials are delightful and fun conversations with founders. 

Lot of learning and fun exchanges.
Valay, we got our first cheque”

I remember saying these words, full of excitement & somewhat emotional.

It was 31st Dec, New Year's Eve, almost a decade back. That evening was like stepping into a new life for us.  (Me & my younger brother and Co-Founder Valay)

Entigrity wasn't just a dream anymore; it became a reality.

But before getting this first check, I went on to meet 300+ CPAs/accountants door to door and well nobody wanted to trust us.(Offshoring back then was like rocket science). Also we were new, I probably didn’t know how to present myself.

Each meeting was a story in itself, filled with hope and often met with a polite, yet firm 'no.' With each ‘no’ you feel like giving up. But someone within was not ready to quit, maybe that someone was immensely scared of being tagged as failure in life, (That fear of failure probably kept me going).

Jack Owens, CPA out of Orlando, FL after the 2nd meeting told me that “Shawn, I like you buddy let’s get started” And that’s how he wrote us our first check. A 68 year old CPA trusted us and became our first client.

I will always remain deeply grateful to Jack for that trust and belief that he kept on us. Thank you would never be enough to express my gratitude to him. Jack and his team still continue to work with us.

Never forget people who have put early faith in you when you were nobody. Those people might hold no significance to your size of work and stature today but, I always believed that “Don't forget those who supported you when you were nothing”.

This is where the journey of Entigrity started for me in the US and for my brother & Co-founder Valay in India.

I learned that sometimes being naive is an asset. It allows you to see possibilities where others see dead ends.
When everyone around me said, especially some of my relatives in the US, "It's the holiday season, nobody's going to sign up now, people don’t work ” I chose to listen to the voice that mattered most - my own.

It’s with Immense pride I would say that Entigrity's first cheque wasn't signed by a venture capitalist or an angel investor, but by a CPA and that too on the eve of New Year.

Looking back, I'm overwhelmed with gratitude. Grateful to every CPA & Accountant 

- Who partnered with Entigrity and reposed their trust on us.
- Even those who started but couldn’t continue to work with us.
And lastly who said ‘No’ to us,
- Looking back I would say we got lucky in more ways than we could have ever Imagined.

One such luck was getting your First Cheque from a CPA and not from VC/Angel Investor. 

(In fact, in early days of Entigrity whenever we went to raise some money, we never got it. With the benefit of hindsight, it was a blessing in disguise. Today at this stage fortunately a lot of people are ready to invest in us. Life is strange when you needed them the most nobody gave you and now when you don't really need everyone is ready to write a check). 
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