Sharad Bansal - Founding Partner, Warmup Ventures & Co-Founder, Tinkerly

Sharad Bansal

Founding Partner, Warmup Ventures & Co-Founder, Tinkerly

More about Sharad Bansal

Sharad is Co-Founder & CEO, Tinkerly, a STEM learning company that helps kids of age 6-16 develop STEM as a hobby and make them ready with skills for the 21st century workplace. Sharad, who is an alumnus of IIT Delhi, has been recently featured by as Education Evangelist of India in a recent Web-series which was hosted by celebrity author Chetan Bhagat. 

He leads Tinkerly’s marketing, strategic partnerships, and finance.

When not on duty, Sharad likes to explore new places or watch suspense thrillers. He is also passionate towards giving back to the society in the areas like startup ecosystem (via mentoring and investing at fellow startups/accelerators), Alma Mater (Volunteering with the State chapter of IIT Delhi Alumni Association) and various non-profits supporting orphans/education. 

Some glimpses from the eChai conversations on early stage fundraising held at HSR.

While I shared my learnings and what we look at Warmup Ventures, it was great to learn from
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🚀 Inspired by the unwavering resilience of Indian founders and the boundless energy of Bangalore's startup ecosystem! 💪 Exciting to witness engineers, designers, bankers, and innovators alike, all fueled by the dream of launching their own startups in yesterday's eChai Ventures Demo day and fireside chat hosted by Puneeth Suraana .

💡 Ideation is at its peak much higher than 2007. Being a Startup Founder myself, I so much relate to the potential mistakes an emerging founder can avoid fundraising and pitching to VCs. I am grateful for the opportunity to connect, learn and exchange ideas with these fellow enthusiasts.

🌆 Bangalore, a melting pot of talent and ambition, continues to be the heartbeat of India's startup revolution. Looking forward to continued collaboration and impact in the space through my learnings from Tinkerly and via platform of Warmup Ventures 
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