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Speakers at this event:
Vaidehi Vaidya
Founder, Women In Sport India
Pune, India
Bhairvi Kamat
Founder & CEO, Midas Blue
Pune, India
Shrawani Sable
MD, Studio Kunst
Pune, India
Vandita Purohit
Founder, TraWork and Mauji Cafe
Pune, India
Shweta Kulkarni
Director, AstronEra
Pune, India

More about Shrawani Sable

Shrawani is an Architect apart from being a GIS Data Analyst. Her work spans a mostly in various range of Urban layouts and Building models reflecting her fascination towards exploring the process of creation, the interaction of climate and cities. 

She is intrigued by an individual's perspective of looking at things and it inspires her to find similarities, dissimilarities, and a variety of ways of looking at this beautiful world through landscapes,maps and imagery. She wants her architectural projects to be expressive, creative and filled with an amazing range of colors and textures with mixture of research using past analysis and data.

Apart from being that she has passion for String Artist and has collaborated with various health and art communities in order to encourage inter-disciplinary mental stress relieving workshops.

Up till now she has empowered 72 woman pan-India to take up regional Art as source of there livelihood to enhance a vast cultural experience and sense of confidence.Being a traveler she likes to conducts workshops in various cities so that she can ferry along as many folks to embark on a colorful journey and express there emotions through architecture,art and environment.

Featured speakers at eChai events