Sonal Singh - Co-Founder & Director, Fittr

Sonal Singh

Co-Founder & Director, Fittr

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I learned early on that when you value courage over comfort, great things happen. As the daughter of a first-generation immigrant family in Canada, my parents instilled the value of financial independence & hard-work from day one! I started working at the age of 11 years helping my parents’ afterschool and on summer holidays. Throughout high school & then university I did every odd job I could find from watering plants, to photocopying books to taking notes for other people. When I graduated from UBC, I realized 2 things: I loved helping people & I wanted to experience doing as many different things as possible in as many places as possible.

Over the past 10 years I have worked in the UK, Brazil, India and Canada. I’ve worked on projects ranging from women’s access to healthcare in rural communities in India to HIV/AIDS financing in Brazil to interviewing senior ministers in the UK about improving cost efficiencies in public office. In 2009 I graduated from the London School of Economics with a degree in Public & Economic Policy. Though it was the worst financial climate in a century, I stuck around to get a job. I gave myself 30 days & knocked door-to-door on my professor’s offices until I landed a paid project. One paid project led to another, & finally I ended up with a permanent job at Deloitte as a Strategy & Operations consultant.   

I spent 4 years working at Deloitte learning how to help businesses do all sorts of things, namely work better & faster. But then I realized it was time to move on. Without a plan I moved to India, because I strongly felt my purpose would be fulfilled there. As a child, I would often visit India and felt a deep connection to the place of my roots & an even stronger desire to contribute.    

I began helping MSMEs to expand their business online & was then hired by Forever New to tackle their employee attrition rates & customer feedback. I devised a training strategy across all 22 locations within India focusing on improving customer love. I delivered this training myself across all locations. 

In 2016, on a whim I took part in a competition and competed against 70 other delegates in China to win the title of Ms. Asia Universe. Jitendra Chouksey, founder of Fittr had helped me get fit online (though we never met face-to-face). When I was a guest speaker at Fittr’s event, I met the team & was inspired by the mission and community approach. I joined forces to help build Fittr, an online fitness community. I lead Strategic Initiatives at Fittr and have onboarded key partners such as Infosys, Philips India, Reliance, Pidilite & HDFC. 

I also led the fundraising initiative & helped raise $2 million in funding from Sequoia's Surge. Through various workshops & speaker engagements, my personal mission has been to help inspire people to overcome their challenges to pursue professional & personal growth by leading healthier lives. I write about this regularly on my page Fit Mind | Fit Body

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