Sushil Agrawal

Founder & CEO, Saarthi Pedagogy

More about Sushil Agrawal

Sushil comes with the vision to empower our existing educational system by improving the learning outcomes of each child in our country by educating the stakeholders about innovative pedagogy techniques, STEM kits and AI-based learning management systems,

He started his journey a decade ago by starting two K12 schools and developed various tech-based solutions to enhance the learning outcomes of the students studying there but soon he realised that these solutions should reach out to each child globally so with this goal he started his venture called Saarthi pedagogy which is now providing learning solutions to 1300 plus schools and 1,50,000 plus children PAN India and the aim is not just to make our future generations literate but also educated so that they can change the society and the country in there own unique way.

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