Syed Nadeem Jafri - Founder & Chief Mentor, Hearty Mart

Syed Nadeem Jafri

Founder & Chief Mentor, Hearty Mart

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Syed Nadeem Jafri is the Founder & Chief mentor of Hearty Mart. With the vision of bringing convenience to the locality of Juhapura in Ahmedabad , Nadeem Jafri started his first venture ” Hearty Mart Super Market ” in February 2004. 

After undertaking a dipstick research amongst the residents of the area he developed and modeled it as an ideal neighbourhood store. It was positioned as ” Sabse Khas Ghar Ke Paas ” and he wanted to establish the store as a one-stop solution for the daily needs of groceries, cosmetics, food grains etc. 

Initial research of the area revealed that the residents were not ready to accept a new store as they had the mindset that no store can ever survive in an area which was not supposed to be business friendly. In order to counter this hostile mindset he came out with this unique brand name ” Hearty Mart “. 

Today it has become successful in breaking the mindset of the people here and has created many patrons for itself.

Thank you GUSEC for this felicitation and recognition. I cherish my association with your esteemed incubation centre since the time of its inception.

These years have helped me groom myself as a mentor and I am pretty sure I could contribute a little in the growth and success of those early stage #startups that approached me for mentorship and guidance. 

Looking forward to further this relationship and nurture more entrepreneurs in the times to come!
Consistent participation in #eChai socials with Jatin & Manasvi has helped all of us mutually to crack newer and pathbreaking ideas. 

This one was from yesterday’s one at Karnavati Club. 

When you network in an #eChai social two things are sure to happen. 

You strengthen your social capital.

You crack the idea that can enhance your personal capital!
Asian Case Research Journal managed by National University of Singapore has accepted the case about Hearty Mart written by Dr Amarpreet Singh of FLAME University and Prof Abhishek of IMT Ghaziabad, on Corporate Entrepreneurship. 

The case discusses Idea Box strategy of Hearty Mart in detail.
In mid 1998 I had joined a vernacular daily based out of Madhya Pradesh, as a resident sales executive in Ahmedabad. Post MBA, this was my first job. As a trainee I was recruited at a salary not worthy of mentioning here. It was my first week in the office, and I was required to pick up my director from the airport and take him to a prominent communications school of Ahmedabad. He was invited by the institute to deliver a lecture on the success story of the newspaper launch in the neighbouring state. 

For a novice and non-entity sharing a dias with my director, I went through mixed emotions. This was a time when power points hadn’t conquered the boardrooms and professionals relied on slide presentations - which were transparencies projected on the screen through a slider. My role was to ensure that the slides were kept in the right order. I had no role in the razzmatazz of the presentation which made me feel small and irrelevant. At the same time, it ignited a fire in me and took my aspirations to new high. Now I wanted to be in the boardrooms of these schools, delivering sessions on my entrepreneurial journey.

Finally, I was invited on 1st October 2019 to be a speaker at #IIMA in The Red Brick Summit, prior to this I had the opportunity to take guest sessions at the #IIMA couple of times and I was also a speaker at their MDP Program. 

But #TRBS experience gave me a new kick as I was on the same platform where many thought leaders and successful entrepreneurs delivered their ideas in the past. And it also made me realise that if you aspire high you achieve new heights. Keep your aspirations high in life and strive hard and you would conquer.
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