More about Umesh Uttamchandani

Umesh, has close to 10 years of experience in IT & Real Estate Industry and defines himself as a Strategic Thinker with a flair towards Marketing and Sales, a Startup Enthusiast and a passionate ENTREPRENEUR.

As Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer of Dev Accelerator (DevX), Umesh has a strong focus on strengthening Strategic Partnerships, designing long term Growth Strategies, along with heading the Panel for curating Technology Startups/SMEs for the Accelerator program. Also acting as a Board Member (Investor) and Mentor for multiple Portfolio Ventures in the domain of SaaS, Mobility, Cloud Kitchen, Media Tech and Lending.

He takes pride in co-owning Gujarat’s largest Co-working space.

The primary focus is heading the role of Sourcing, Negotiating and on-boarding Strategic Partners and even focusing on like-minded collaborations. The ultimate goal is to ensure that Commercialization of Products/Services leads to produce high-value offerings that generate strong bottom line benefits for the DevX, Portfolio Companies and the end clients.

Prior to launching Dev Accelerator, he worked with a 100 year old Manufacturing firm, based in Barnsley, United Kingdom, wherein he donned the hat of a result driven Marketing/Sales Consultant wherein Critical thinking and Communication skills, being one of his key strengths, supported him to devise appropriate strategies and communicate the same to the management team.

Umesh, has been an active Investor and Mentor in many Startups wherein his role was to ensure that they get a boost whilst moving from Ideation Stage to Growth stage.

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