Zaiba Sarang - Co-Founder, iThink Logistics

Zaiba Sarang

Co-Founder, iThink Logistics

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Hello, I'm Zaiba. I grew up in a city watching people burn the midnight oil to get a better education and medical requirements. Ever since I knew I wanted to spread the word and make the world better for people in need.

While growing up, my life revolved around knowledge, either gathered from people or books. My first milestone to my career was graduating in computer science, but I started rooting for sales. Years of hard work to learn the secret of networking, logistics & vendor management, and something unexpected has happened since then.

👉🏼 Listed under Tech30 Startups of India in 2018 by YourStory
👉🏼Co founded My shipping and logistics platform
Focused on getting easy e-Commerce

I've taken everything I've learnt and co-founded iThink Logistics. I'm driving towards getting iThink on top-notch.

My superpower is "go-getter", and my mantra is "never leave anything to chance."

I love public speaking and share my library of knowledge for you to grow beyond. And in case you want to pick ideas from me, please feel free to connect with me at [email protected]

iThink Logistics is a SAAS platform made to empower eCommerce businesses through logistical and operational enhancements with the help of technology.

Let me take you back to where it all began - how I crossed paths with my co-founders, Bharat and Vipul. We were buddies who embarked on our entrepreneurial journey in 2011 with our SAAS venture, "Depasser Infotech," where we dabbled in tech services. Fast forward to 2016, the eCommerce scene picked up pace, and we decided to dive into that realm alongside our existing venture. However, navigating the eCommerce landscape proved challenging, especially with the logistical hurdles we encountered. During this time, Vipul reached out to his friend Paresh, who had a wealth of experience in logistics, seeking advice on our predicament. The more we delved into it, the more apparent it became that many others in the eCommerce sphere faced similar issues.

That's when Paresh brought Nikul into the fold, leveraging his expertise in logistics and finance. In 2017, the five of us came together to launch iThink Logistics. We each brought something unique - Vipul's strategic acumen, my knack for communication, Bharat's tech savviness, Paresh's operational prowess, and Nikul's financial wizardry. With a shared vision to transform eCommerce logistics, iThink Logistics was born.

Today, we proudly stand with over 10,000+ eCommerce brands, providing them with a one-stop solution for all their logistics needs.
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