We are combining some of our interesting formats to start a series of weekly Startup Growth Networking Meetups every Saturday.

It will be a great opportunity for eChai Members to engage with the community and build relationships.

Typical agenda for Startup Growth Networking Meetup would be:

  • Startup Growth Stories (20 Mins)
  • Learnings from Failures Story by Founder (10 Mins)
  • Startup Showcase from the community (10 Mins)
  • Curated 1:1 Networking Calls with participants (20 Mins)

We had a great start to the first meetup of this series. 

Startup Growth Stories:

Nachiket Patel, Founder, Logicwind

Logicwind creates efficient digital solutions engineered for growth. We are a technology provider who understands your business needs. We are closely working with Cappital (partner company) to develop software for organizations in the United States.


Keyur Bhalavat, Founder, Plutomen

Plutomen is building AR/VR solutions which empowers industrial enterprises to improve productivity, extend workforce capabilities and enhance customer satisfaction.


Learnings from Failures:

Shruti Kushwah, Founder, Crealoons Innovations

Crealoons is a research & development company focussed on providing innovations through design & engineering by providing 3 major services: Industrial Design, Engineering and Prototyping.


We'll also have the Startup Showcase track where eChai Members will be showcasing their startups and latest products.

1. Linkjoy

Linkjoy helps you Increase Brand Awareness, Generate More Leads and Re-Target one-time Visitors.


2. Unmask

UNMASK - India's Fully Transparent Mask with N95 level FFP2 - 5 layer filter for best protection.


It was followed by curated 1:1 Networking calls among participants. 

You can join the next Startup Growth Networking Meetup at eChai.Network/events.