We are starting the Books for entrepreneurs series where we invite the authors of awesome business books to share about their experiences, why they wrote these books, what are the takeaways for founders, and their own journey of writing a book. publishing and distributing the book. 

For the 1st episode of this series, we were delighted to have Sudhir Sitapati, Executive Director & VP, Foods and Refreshment, Hindustan Unilever, and author of The CEO Factory.

image credit: HUL

About The CEO Factory:

For six decades Hindustan Unilever has remained among India’s top five most valuable companies. No other corporation in the world has done so well for so long. Its brands sit in most Indian homes (nine out of ten Indians use an HUL product every month), its financial indicators are among the best in Dalal street and it is famously a factory for CEOs. 

For the first time comes a book that decodes how this great business works – from a director of the company who has spent his whole career there. 

Why are there so many CEOs across industries in India who are ex-Unilever people? What is the company’s secret management training sauce? Why is marketing at the heart of every business? Why is it easier to create a new market than to grab a slice of an existing one? How is it actually smarter to stock your product in smaller quantities in a store than to aggressively push orders? And why you should never, ever believe that pricing down your product will get you more customers. 

Sharp, insightful, and entertaining, the CEO factory is an MBA course in a single book.

You can watch my conversation with Sudhir below.


You can buy this book from Amazon.