drivebuddyAI is steering the future of mobility by transforming fleet management and insurance ecosystem by enabling commercial fleets with an AI-powered intelligent driver & fleet safety platform, ensuring drivers’ safety, reducing high-risk loss-making events, and improving efficiency.

Here's the excerpts from eChai with Nisarg Pandya, Founder, drivebuddyAI.

About drivebuddyAI Team.

I am an entrepreneur with a background in Electronics Engineering and having working experience on IoT & AI-based products. 

I did start drivebuddyAI in 2018 and have been leading the way towards marking the global presence of drivebuddyAI in the domain of intelligent mobility systems.

We are building drivebuddyAI where we are aiming to empower the future of mobility with AI & Computer Vision Technologies.

Our team is the right balance of young enthusiasts and experienced talent. The Young team drives with passion and experienced people mold the passion to create mature products and services.

We are backed by our investor/partner company Roadzen who’s supporting us in all the ways from capital to business opportunities and we work together sharing a common vision to transform mobility & Insurance domain with AI.

Eureka Moment

When autonomous vehicles came on the roads in US, EU & China, solving the safety perception problem for AVs became one the most complex and most valued business opportunity for the technology industry. 

The inception of drivebuddyAI coincided with this paradigm shift towards autonomous mobility and which strengthened and enriched our vision in alignment with the global mobility market.

How drivebuddyAI works?

drivebuddyAI - DMS Validation on Uber ATG Incidence


drivebuddyAI is built by keeping drivers at its core

drivebuddyAI is an end-to-end solution, from in-vehicle AI-assistance to manager-driven personalized coaching that improves driver behavior, along with optimizing fleet operations through data-driven accurate decision making

drivebuddyAI built its own state-of-art hardware, patented and designed to work across all types of vehicles and geo locations, without any need for modifications

What is your business model?

We work with fleets/logistics companies with one time cost model or DaaS (Driving Assistance & Analytics as a Service) model and we work with our customers for a long term to help them achieve operational efficiency and reduction of losses due to driving behavior improvements.

Target Audience

  • Fleets & supply chain logistics
  • Auto OEMs
  • Auto insurers
  • Mapping companies


We have 10 fleet clients and 100+ drivers on board with a pilot to the production conversion ratio of about 90%, an impressive ~5K kilometers of driving data collection/day. 

Looking for Entrepreneurial Talent

drivebuddyAI has reached its goal of successfully delivering, and servicing a mature product to the market with skyrocketing adoption across geographies. 

We are now driving full-throttle towards matching the scale with new technology innovations and are open to all kinds of talent and people who are passionate about solving the big questions in autonomous driving technology and aligned with our vision.

We have few full-time positions open in Ahmedabad, Pune, Delhi location right now:

  • HR Generalist - Ahmedbad
  • Finance Executive - Ahmedabad
  • Head of Operations – Ahmedabad (Preferably)
  • Head of AI (Remote)
  • Frontend Developer – react.js (Remote)
  • DevOps (remote) 

Looking for community support

Community is one of the great strengths for an entrepreneurial endeavor where an individual is valued for his talents and contribution while being part of a unified vision or goal. drivebuddyAI aspires to connect with communities, people, and customers to constantly keep the learning and collaborating where possible for mutual growth and benefit.

I am looking to network with like-minded people, currently operating out of Ahmedabad, I am trying to build my network here like I have a good network in Pune region where I started.

I am looking to share business opportunities and fund raise opportunities among the network as well as we’d want to work with graphic designer, UI/UX people, Content writers, Hardware & Electronics People specifically. 

Which are the business opportunities you can give to other startup founders?

drivebuddyAI offers value for start-ups or companies working on AI for mobility, telematics, or making great mobile apps, and seeking technology upgrades for their customers.  


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