Recently we concluded the super fun inaugural edition of eChai Startup Cricket League in Ahmedabad.

Startups + Cricket + Networking = Super Fun

We've been playing box cricket pretty regularly with closed group of founder friends since many years. 

eChai Startup Cricket League was the combination of that and growing interest among folks for the box cricket. And anyways in-person meetups are not happening so this works as a good substitute for folks who would want to play cricket and also engage with other founders in the community.

I and Kunal (Co-Founders of eChai.Network) met each other while playing cricket together in Nirma University. during our engineering days. We were in the same batch but in different classes. Cricket brought us together. 

We had super fun organizing the inaugural edition. In fact, it was so fun that we are announcing the much bigger edition in February. And hopefully take it to other eChai.Network City chapters going forward.

The first edition had 8 teams and it was a knockout tournament. This was our MVP.

Epitome, Capermint, iHub, iDo Travels, DevX,, Founders8 and Super8 participated in the first league.

Pre-Tournament Captains Face Off:

We had organized pre-tournament Zoom networking call with team owners and players. 

Epitome Vs Capermint Face Off

Epitome provides low bandwidth interactive live streaming and video conferencing services. Siddharth Bera, Founder, Epitome led the team.

Capermint is a leading Mobile Game Development & App Development company. Vivek Shah, Founder, Capermint led the team.

iHub Vs iDo Travels Face Off

iHub is a vibrant incubation setup established under SSIP by the Education Department, Government of Gujarat. iHub team was consisting of group of founders incubated at iHub. Neel Panchal, Founder, Pratham Books led the iHub team.

iDo Travels is a travel agency specialised in international tour packages. Kaivalya Desai, Founder, iDo Travels led the team.

DevX Vs Face Off

DevX is Gujarat's largest Co-working Space and Corporate Accelerator. They have presence across the country in cities like Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Mumbai, Indore and Goa. Deep Patel, Founder, Vrizm led the DevX team. And founders of DevX, eChai.Network, Clientjoy, Orion Inc and Shoppr also played in this team. provides business professional services to incorporate businesses, secure their intellectual properties and keep them compliant with law. Shrijay Sheth, Co-Founder, led the team.

Founders8 Vs Super8 Face Off

These two teams were made up of individual founders. Vikas Mundhra, Co-Founder, MagentaBI led the Founders8 team and Suraj Gupta, Founder, Trio Teachers led Super8 team.


Quarter Finals:

Epitome beat Capermint

iDo Travels beat iHub

DevX beat

Founders8 beat Super8


Epitome beat Founders8

iDo Travels beat DevX


iDo Travels beat Epitome

Leaked Video from Semi Final Between Epitome & Founders8

Post-Tournament Captains Catch Up:

If you have watched the pre-tournament captains face-off videos and checked out results, you'll be pretty surprised on how things went.

This post-tournament Captains Catch up gives the glimpse of captains perspectives on how they won ( or lost) the matches.

2nd Edition of eChai Startup Cricket League is happening on 20th-21st February.

16 Startup Teams.

4 Groups of 4 Teams. 

Each team will have 8 players.

Each team will play with other 3 teams in their group. Each team will play minimum 3 league matches.

Top 2 teams in each group will get into the quarter-finals. 

We do have some pretty interesting ( ..and sometimes controversial) rules. But that makes these games super fun.

We'll be hosting the in-person pre-tournament Team Owners RoundTable at The Tomorrow Cafe at CIIE.CO, IIM Ahmedabad.

The fees for registering the team is Rs. 5K.

This will be great opportunity to engage with the startup community in Ahmedabad and also have super fun :-)

You can Whatsapp me at 08238968939 if you want to register your team or want to explore sponsorship opportunities.