UrbanNaps is making India’s First Smart Napping Pod for people to Rest, Relax & Recreation at Urban Spaces.

Here's the excerpts from eChai with Jainam Mehta, Founder, Urban Naps.

About Urban Naps Team.

1) Jainam Mehta – Business Development

DA-IICT - Master of Science (IT) 

2 years of experience as a software developer and working full-time on UrbanNaps since August 2018.

2) Mihir Mehta – Production and Manufacturing

L.D. College of Engineering - B.E (Mechanical Engineering) 

1 year of experience and working full-time on UrbanNaps since November 2018.

3) Shridatt Dudhat – Electronics and IOT

VGEC, GTU - B.E (Power Electronics) 

6 years of experience as an Embedded Research and Development Head at Oizom and working onUrbanNaps since April 2019.

How Urban Naps Works?



  • Zero Gravity Seat Powered by NASA
  • Ventilated Seat
  • Body Massage
  • Meditation Music
  • Oxygen Therapy
  • Protected by NanoAgCide (Antimicrobial Coating)

Target Audience

Airports, Co-workings, Corporates, Hotels and Resorts


  • The Address Co-Working Space Ahmedabad
  • Ahmedabad Airport
  • France Client – 2 Sample order for Quantum Care Facility

Looking for Entrepreneurial Talent

  • Looking for Social Media Marketing
  • Business Development & Sales

CoRising with the community

  • B2B connects
  • Incubator Connects
  • Mobile App Development for future products

Community Support

Networking and Business Leads


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