Jaydip Parikh

Jaydip Parikh

Founder, TejSolPro
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More about Jaydip Parikh

Being a digital marketing expert asks for an unmatched perspective of looking at brands. And not everyone is born with that art. Especially, when one impelled into studying computer science. But for Jaydip Parikh, things turned out to be different. At a very young age, he has taken up multiple roles of being an entrepreneur, digital marketing consultant, influential speaker and a renowned social media personality. 

Inspite of being a post-graduate in Computer Science, it was his undying love for digital marketing that led him to work as a marketing professional with some of the best brands thriving in the market of Gujarat. In just a decade's time, he carved his career graph from being as a sales and marketing executive at different companies to being a corporate sales manager for world's major textile vertical like Fiber2Fashion. 

In the year 2010, he embarked upon his journey as an entrepreneur by laying foundation for a digital marketing agency named Tej SolPro. Thereafter, he took up promotional projects for some of the crème de la crème brands including AB Corp (Amitabh Bachhan Corporation), YourStory and the popular Gujarati movie 'Kevi Rite Jaish'. In the year 2013, Tej SolPro been part of Infibeam which one of the biggest shopping portals of India. Jaydip is now the director of a firm named Adventure Unlimited Pvt Ltd. abbreviated as AUMPL. Under AUMPL's umbrella he has planned to come up with unique e-commerce stores which are sure to reach great zeniths. 

Digital Marketing expertise is just one of the facets of his talent. Being a versatilist that he is, he has been one of the topmost social media influencers. His latest initiative, #SEOTalk is India’s first and only twitter chat about SEO & Digital Marketing. Jaydip has also been invited to provide his insights on digital marketing at esteemed institutions like IIM A and other international events. A charming, friendly and witty personality, Jaydip Parikh, aka BABA is sure to take you by surprise!

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