Rushabh Shah - Managing Partner, STIR Advisors

Rushabh Shah

Managing Partner, STIR Advisors

More about Rushabh Shah

Rushabh Shah is an Investment Banker based out of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

He boasts over 14 years of robust experience in the financial sector. His profound knowledge encompasses Fintech, Management Consultancy, Strategic Consulting and M&A marking him as an industry luminary.

At the forefront of strategic consultancy, Rushabh is the Managing Partner at STIR Advisors. This esteemed firm specializes in Mergers and Acquisitions and provides unparalleled advisory services tailored to client needs. With a keen focus on guiding clients to realize their strategic objectives and financial goals, STIR Advisors stands as a testament to Rushabh's dedication to excellence.

With a dedication to continuous learning and a keen interest in investment banking, fintech, market research, and new technologies, Rushabh strives to deliver exceptional advisory services and assist clients in achieving their financial goals.

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