Rushabh Shah

Vice President, Advisory Team, IBGrid

More about Rushabh Shah

Rushabh Shah is an accomplished Investment Banker based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. 

With over 14 years of experience in various domains such as Fintech, Business Strategy, Market Research, and Management Information Systems, Rushabh has built a solid foundation in the financial industry. 

He is currently associated with IBGrid, where his role extends beyond deal execution to encompass marketing and expanding the investment banking network. 

As a passionate entrepreneur, Rushabh is also the Founder and CEO of Ticmarc, a pioneering Fintech Aggregator platform. 

Ticmarc focuses on enhancing money management for groups and communities in India, combining financial literacy with social objectives. 

With a dedication to continuous learning and a keen interest in investment banking, fintech, market research, and new technologies, Rushabh strives to deliver exceptional advisory services and assist clients in achieving their financial goals.

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