Satyam Baranwal - Co-Founder & COO, Codingal

Satyam Baranwal

Co-Founder & COO, Codingal

More about Satyam Baranwal

Satyam Baranwal is the Co-Founder of Codingal ( and has a professional experience of over 11 years. He is an IIT, Dhanbad alumnus and has helped starting one of the largest private sector coal mine of India belonging to Reliance Power from scratch.

He has been teaching school kids since his school days and even during college days he focussed on providing quality Education as well as computer literacy programmes to school kids via various NGOs.

He is in Edtech since last 5 years and successfully built a coding company for kids with a unique curriculum by the name of Skillovate Learning Pvt Ltd prior to starting up Codingal.

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