The "Friends of eChai Startup Social" event, held on January 6, 2024, was an exclusive gathering for startup enthusiasts, featuring a small group setting for candid conversations.

The event, hosted by Shalin Parikh and Leena Parikh from Entigrity, brought together founders and leaders from various startups and organizations.

The agenda focused on fostering connections and sharing insights within the entrepreneurial community. Key participants included Kumar Manish (Urban Voices), Syed Nadeem Jafri (Hearty Mart), Pankaj Bhimani (58miles), Ekta Shah (Biziverse), Manasvi Thapar (Candour Legal) and others, representing diverse sectors such as healthcare, legal services, and technology. The event was part of eChai's ongoing efforts to enhance collaboration and learning in the startup ecosystem.

eChai @ Entigrity

Founders sharing their views about eChai Social.
The #eChai social at Entigrity was a memorable get together of diversified entrepreneurs. 

Graciously hosted by Shalin & Leena, it created an atmosphere which made us mingle with everyone present to discuss what we are doing in present and what we plan to do in future. 

Looking forward to many more such socials to enhance my social capital!

It’s celebration of entrepreneurial spirit with definitely a lot of fun interactions with the founders from the community.
New years Dawn at Entigrity reflected sheer power in integrity on the roof top social of echai. Thank you Jatin, Shalin & Leena.

Today's discussions were a testament to the power of learning and development in shaping successful entrepreneurial journeys.

When entrepreneurs interact with each other in a relaxed atmosphere, without any agenda, the density, richness, and variety of insights exchanged increase significantly.

eChai enables such conversations very effectively with their Social events - where entrepreneurs get to be more open and vulnerable as well as very helpful and encouraging!

The enchanting view from the terrace of Entigrity was a lovely cherry on the cake, of course!

The eChai Startup Social was a brilliant platform for exchanging innovative ideas. It's exciting to see how events like this can drive forward-thinking in the startup ecosystem, particularly for businesses like that thrive on creativity and innovation.

Always a pleasure to be part of eChai social as it celebrates the  vibrancy of entrepreneurship and rising together with cool much of folks & founders.

The eChai Social is a unique platform where entrepreneurs have interesting and inspiring conversations with like minded people. Truly an engaging experience.
The eChai Startup Social provided an exceptional opportunity for meaningful dialogue and networking. For a legal professional like myself, engaging with innovative entrepreneurs opens new perspectives on how legal services can better support the startup ecosystem.

Every encounter with fellow founders and ecosystem leaders at eChai events is a refreshing plunge into a sea of innovation, where each wave brings a new perspective. 

These socials are not just meetings, but a confluence of ideas that rejuvenate and inspire. 

I always look forward to eChai gatherings, knowing they'll leave me enriched with fresh insights and energized by the collective spirit of entrepreneurship.

Thank you Shalin bhai & Leena Bhabhi for hosting eChai Social at Entigrity.
eChai Startup Social is a special gathering of entrepreneurs for ideas, updates and opportunities. I have always benefited from the quality and energy in the echai social room 💞
eChai is the best platform to grow your network in very informal way. Each event gives you new insights about different innovations in the market.
eChai Social is an amazing experience when it comes to build relationships, events enable the first layer of conversations and socials help in enhancing those conversations. It’s an amazing place to be and should never miss it when you get a chance to attend.