A voice-based microblogging and Mirco-podcasting platform.

How does it work?:

Sharing voice socially has never been easy before, now your voice is not limited to your personal inbox. A voice-based microblogging and Mirco-podcasting platform Powered by language recognition AI and Noised reduction ML engine.

What is USP?:

1. Voices limited to 60 seconds only (bite-size content0
2. Easy content distribution almost to any platform.
3. Indigenous technology Moat
4. Voice only medium

What is Traction?:

Pre-revenue - Alpha tested with 100+ users, Beta live on AppStore with 1000+ users & growing with a team of 10 crazy heads.

Looking for Support and/or feedback from the community?:

We are looking for partners who can bring influence to the platform and Technology engineers. We are also looking forward to raise our seed round.

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Kunal Chaudhari @techfected

Is it possible to do other way around ;)

amogh tiwari @amogh-tiwari-224fa4

Like ? Can you elaborate a bit

Kunal Chaudhari @techfected

Like having my tweet read out in my voice

amogh tiwari @amogh-tiwari-224fa4

Yea surely, but guess what the voice who will be reading it will be mechanical or some bot which is using text to speech transcribe AI engine, AWS gives amazon polly to do that but we decibell are never in favour of that it because human voice has its own natural essence and we are still very far from giving AI voice modulation. So thats why even alexa sounds mechanical because today innovation in this area ends here but yes google is working on that and even apple to give that freedom and once its done it would be great.

Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

How did you get the early customer for your startup?

amogh tiwari @amogh-tiwari-224fa4

Hey jatin, thanx for asking this.
Would love to share it personally, its a bit long conversation for comments
How that sounds ?

Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

Sure. Let's get on a call after the Summit.

Also, you can share some context here for the benefit of other readers here :-)

amogh tiwari @amogh-tiwari-224fa4

For sure, so our early customers we a preparation of months old planning where we took even the smallest details seriously being in lockdown and we started building in lockdown right people right team was the key and more discussions on user persona which helps to at least get a clear picture about whom to go after for next three months and then next three dividing our user target into priority channels or pillers and then how so we did our beta launch with 150+ people virtually on yea it has more it it and still we are working to gain more.

Shree Pandey @shree-pandey

How are you planning to keep your users engaged in this for years?
What is the gain of a content creator to shift to this rather than twitter or Instagram?

amogh tiwari @amogh-tiwari-224fa4

By building a close community and of decibell users. And the shift is very wide and open in 2018 podcast and voice as a content market in India was 40 mn $ now its 450mn$ with 53% growth each year. So the shift us crystal clear wide and open, in 2019 74% of google searches in were voice searches so indian is typing less speaking more. Connect with me later on
[email protected]

Kritika Manshani @kritika-manshani

Hello Amogh Tiwari!
I am Kritika Manshani a Doctoral Candidate at the School of Management and Labour Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai! I want to reach out to invite you to the study for the thesis. I have sent an email with the details. Would Like to connect with you on the same!