KiwiQA Services is an independent software testing company.

How does it work?:

We work with startups, small businesses and enterprise IT product companies across the globe to help them to stop wasting time on old software testing strategies that don't work any more. We are a one stop software QA company.

What is USP?:

Our USP includes

➤ Requirements Quality TESTING
➤ Quality Assurance Services
➤ Software Testing Training (TMMi, ISTQB, ASTQB) & Coaching
➤ Support for drafting testing strategies
➤ Salesforce/ServiceNow & Ms Dynamic Test automation Implementation

What is Traction?:

Startups, SMEs and Enterprises

Looking for Support and/or feedback from the community?:

Help build and support technology platforms by providing effective software testing solutions by building efficient offshore technology teams.


Our Quality Assurances services include
➤ Automation Testing
➤ Load and Performance Testing
➤ Mobile APP Testing
➤ Security and Penetration Testing
➤ Game Testing
➤ E-commerce Testing
➤ Crowd Testing
➤ IoT Testing

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Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

How did you get the early customers/users for your startup?

Keyur Bhalavat @keyur-v--bhalavat

What kind of engagement model you have for Start ups, for 3rd Party QA testing.

Also do you provide testing and give guidance on GDPR & HIPPA compliance?

Nirav Raval @nirav-raval

Hi Keyur, We have flexibility engagement models. We work with startups by owning up the complete QA process or be part of their existing team to test their applications. I will be happy to discuss with you.

Yes. We do provide testing on GDPR & HIPPA compliance.

Keyur Bhalavat @keyur-v--bhalavat

Lets connect post in 2nd week of September