Merge Intern

An AI-Based platform for hiring tech Interns

How does it work?:

A Student has to first pass an assessment related to the field, he/she is applying for, On the basis of score, internships can be applied.

It gives the companies a platform where pre-screening is already done (Phsycometric,General Aptitude & Subject matter questions)

What is USP?:

Our Pre-screening assessment portal makes it easy for companies to pick candidates with less-hassle and students would also be able to measure their skills before applying.

What is Traction?:

we are working in a closed beta till September end, we started building a community of students which is approx. 2000 & growing strong each day, making our UAC almost minimal. (Organic) we plan to serve up to 5K users on the platform in beta phase which will help us evaluate our assessment portal in market and its acceptability.

Looking for Support and/or feedback from the community?:

Well, We are looking forward to leveraging the entrepreneur community of E-chai where we can help those startups with their hiring process and can also run our Beta run successfully. Any feedbacks n construcitve criticism is welcome. Also, mentor support and prospective investors connect.

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Kunal Chaudhari @techfected

Looks great. Would like to know how you get decide to name the company. Nice!

Dheeraj Mehndiratta @dheeraj-mehndiratta-9f7ee6

We wanted a name is sanskrit but it took ours a lot of time and we couldn't come with smthng mutual. So merge striked but it was already taken by no. Of Co.s so added our platfortm's target user to it. "merge intern"

Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

How did you get the early customer for your startup?

Dheeraj Mehndiratta @dheeraj-mehndiratta-9f7ee6

Jatin, we started working on platform from June 1 and from that day we started working on building a Student community that we thought, will be our prospective users. So community building helped us in shaping followers into users