eCommerce marketplace for Authentic Indian Sweets and Savories

How does it work?:

It's an online service to deliver authentic regional delicacies that one craves the most but are difficult to find locally. Once a customer places an order, fresh delicacies are picked from the seller's shop by our logistics partner and are directly delivered to the customer.

What is USP?:

We serve across the globe. A person sitting in any corner of the world can order through Moipot and get delivery of freshest delicacies to their doorstep. Also, we provide a 360 degree support to customer so they can get in touch with us via mail, chat, call, Whatsapp messages, Facebook messenger as well as Instagram direct messages.

What is Traction?:

Growth Stage

Looking for Support and/or feedback from the community?:

Looking to interact with businesses from eCommerce industry. Would also like to connect with investors.

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Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

@Krishna - Which has been your biggest challenge to onboard the vendors?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

@jatin10 We have vendors from all over India. It is not feasible to travel every time to meet each new vendor. So, the biggest challenge is to make them trust us with their brand and
payments through just cold calls and the telephonic/email conversations which follow.

Neel Shah @neelnshah

Do you give discount or charge a premium on the MRP of items listed..?

Are all items branded only and FSSAI certified?

Do you get the ordered item at a central location and get your branded packaging or send directly..?

Does intra-city order and delivery work?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

We charge the MRP of items.
All items are FSSAI certified.
There is no central location.
Intra-city to Inter-state, all type of orders are handled.

Keyur Bhalavat @keyur-v--bhalavat

@krishna -
1. If the items are sold on MRP, i'm assuming you might be charging extra for delivery?
2. What is the unit economics setting in?
3. At what price point or at what volume this will be viable?
4. What are the plans for execution of user base ?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

We charge extra for delivery.
Currently, we are expanding user base via SMM.
We can catch up sometime and I can explain the unit economics in detail then.

Nilay Shah @nilayshah

@Krishna and how do you plan to take on deep pocketed with already a good foothold?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

@nilay--shah This industry is still very unorganized. There is enough space for both us and our competitors to survive. Getting the unit economics right is the crux. We have got it fairly good till now and will continue to do so in future.

Nilay Shah @nilayshah

@Krishna Agreed. The reason i asked those questions is to know if you have any specific plus points planned out. I have noticed some shortcomings of placesoforigin that can work to your advantage if tapped well. If you would like to discuss that pm me.

Hanuj Tilwani @hanuj_t

Are you try to get famous food times from tier 3 cities to get on-board? if not then why?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

@hanuj_t Yes, we are trying to get them on board. If you have any suggestions of good delicacies of good brands from those tier 3 cities then please do share them with us.

Srikanta Pratap Mishra @srikanta-pratap-mishra

But whenever You will Approch Tier 3 Cities.The Main problem is certified Food ( FSSAI Certification)

But Try to Bring The Mahaprasad Of Puri,Odisha On Board.

As it is the Lifeline for Odia people along the world

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

@srikanta-pratap-mishra Agreed. Unfortunately, we have to let them go. Because we have to abide by the rules.

That's interesting to know. Thanks for this insightful suggestion. Could you please suggest some specialty brands which have those delicacies? Because Mahaprasad is more of a temple thing so commercializing them online won't be feasible.

Apart from that, any other brands/delicacies of other states which you would like to see on board?

Aditya Dave @aditya-dave

@Krishna How do you handle logistics as logistics is a problem which many of young entrepreneurs have ?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

@aditya-dave Logistics is a big problem especially when you are handling items having a shelf life of few weeks. We have tied up with few renowned courier companies who have strong Pan India presence. They help us in picking up and delivering the parcels whenever an order is placed.

Dhruv Gupta @drvgpt

@Krishna - Have you thought of having secondary/hidden channels of revenue in your venture..?? If they already exist, what are they..??

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

@drvgpt Currently, they don't exist. But, we would like to monetize featured products on home page and special promotion for certain vendors. Getting bulk orders would also be a good secondary channel of revenue.

Raj Kothari @irajkothari

@krishna can you explain what is your business about?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

@irajkothari Sure. Let's connect on PM. Share your contact details.

Shivang Swaminarayan @shivang-swaminarayan

Wanted to understand Unit economics as I am facing similar challenge in my domain to be cracked. Will you be willing to share your insight, way out worked for your domain

Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

How did you get the early customer for your startup?

Krishna Shah @KrishnaChoksi

The first few customers were by word of mouth. Facebook and Google Ads helped us in bringing in the early unknown customers.

Law Fleeter Adv Shivangi @law-fleeter-adv-shivangi

Plz contact me if you want fund 8850373717

Kritika Manshani @kritika-manshani

Hello Ms. Krishna Shah!
I am Kritika Manshani, a Doctoral Candidate at the School of Management and Labour Studies at Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai!
My doctoral thesis understands, The impact of Leader Humility on employee wellbeing! I am conducting a study on Entrepreneurs for my thesis! Would like to connect you to you regarding the same!

Dr. Swati Patil @dr--swati-patil

Hello Entreprenuer, This study is related to women entrepreneurs,s especially those who own digital startups. I would appreciate it f you could spread the message to the desired group. Thank you!