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Pi Nutrition is here to bring you great tasting, high quality, healthier nutrition drinks for a stronger and healthier world.

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Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

@Kishor - How did get your startup recognized by DIPP? What was the process and how much time it took for it?

Kishor Kapadiya @kishor-kapadiya

After the GoI's notification of not requiring recommendation letter of a nodal institution for Start-up Recognition, we applied for recognition. We also uploaded presentation comprising of various details expected by DIPP. After some 10 days we got the recognition certificate.

Aditya Dave @aditya-dave

In this market comprising of big products like gatorade, where do you see yourself in next 5 years ?

Hanuj Tilwani @hanuj_t

What is your plan to compete with the existing similar products in the market?

Kishor Kapadiya @kishor-kapadiya

@aditya & @hanuj
Our core strategy to reach consumers is Experience marketing. Awareness of Sports Drinks as such is low and hence it's more important to increase awareness about the importance of sports drinks rather than competing with rivals. We have many milestones to achieve. Geographical expansion is top priority. Robust distribution network is extremely important and we are working on it. 5 years down the line we see Pi NUTRITION as a total sports nutrition solutions provider.

Dhruv Gupta @drvgpt

@kishor-kapadiya - With the mentioned target market, don't you think having a Brand Ambassador could help you in establishing PiSPORT as a trusted brand and help you reaching out to your customers easily..?? If 'Yes', Do you already have one (Who?) or trying to get someone (Who?) on-board..??

Kishor Kapadiya @kishor-kapadiya

We certainly want a Brand ambassador and it will definitely help increase awareness and reach. We are working on the same. It's difficult to name a particular person at the moment.

Vishal Chopra @vishal-chopra

How are you placing your products in the market?

Kashi Financial @kashi-financial

Feel free to contact us for fund raising and strategic advisory services for the scaling of the business in Pan India and UAE.