Biodegradable sanitary pads made from banana fibre.


Saathi biodegradable sanitary pads bring you the comfort of natural banana fiber. Soft and super-absorbent, banana fiber offers superior leak-protection. Made without bleach and chemicals, Saathi pads are gentle on sensitive skin. Your purchase of Saathi pads provides extra income to Indian banana farmers and gives rural women in India access to sanitary pads.

By 2020, women in India using conventional pads will generate 200,000 tons of plastic pad waste. With Saathi biodegradable pads, we can reduce 60 kg of pad waste per women, over her lifetime! When disposed of conventionally, our pads degrade within six months. Saathi is investing in a more sustainable supply chain by locally sourcing all of our raw materials, including the banana fiber.

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Dhruv Gupta @drvgpt

@saathipads - As you had already sold 50,000+ pads by now, what are the surprising trends you had seen in your sales figures..??

Jatin Chaudhary @jatin10

@Kristin - How did you build your team? What's your hiring strategy?

Law Fleeter Adv Shivangi @law-fleeter-adv-shivangi

Plz contact me if you want fund 8850373717

Kashi Financial @kashi-financial

Feel free to contact us for the fund raising and strategic advisory services in pan India and UAE.

Saili Parab @saili-parab

Hey Saathi team,
Loved your product idea and the story of Saathi.
I would be more than happy if I could help you in telling your story to more and more people out there. That is through your Branding.
If that sounds something of interest to you, please feel free to contact me.