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Salesman @eChaiNetwork l Good at managing WhatsApp groups n organizing high quality large gatherings at low cost :-) l Observerl Former Global Shaper at World Economic Forum

Jatin Chaudhary is the Co-Founder of eChai Ventures, a friendly global startup network that hosts engaging startup growth meetups and enables cross-border collaborations.
eChai Ventures was started 13 years back in Ahmedabad (India) and has grown immensely in the last 4 years with eChai chapters in 25+ global startup cities in 10+ countries. 
Jatin was recently awarded as 'Startup Ratna' by GUSEC-Gujarat University for eChai Ventures’ contributions for the Startup Ecosystem in Gujarat. 

Jatin was earlier one of the Global Shaper at World Economic Forum. 
Before starting eChai Ventures, Jatin sold long-distance services in Canada while working in a call center in Gandhinagar, architectural stone products in US and European markets for while working with exports group in Ahmedabad, strategic concepts to Microsoft Corporate Teams while working with a high-end technology consulting company in Udaipur, and HP enterprise servers and Softwares to SMEs and large businesses in Gujarat while working with India’s largest IT products distributor.

GrowthX® is hosting a founders' only revenue growth masterclass in Bengaluru and eChai Ventures and many good folks from the ecosystem are partnering with them to bring the best opportunities for founders.

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We are collaborating with IIMA Ventures to host eChai's Startup Growth Meetup in Ahmedabad today (6th April, Saturday) at IIMA Ventures from 6 pm to 8 pm.

🎙️ Sandeep Patel (NEPRA - Let's Recycle)
🎙️Ankur Agarwal (Medkart Pharmacy)
🎙️ Udit Goenka (TinyCheque /
🎙️Ishit Jethwa (Ludic)

I'll be moderating this meetup.
We are collaborating with Draper Startup House to host eChai's Startup Growth Meetup in Bengaluru today (6th April, Saturday) at Draper Startup House Koramangala from 6 pm to 8 pm.

🎙️ Manish Maryada (Fello)
🎙️Aalap Sanghvi (Immersfy)

Free registration at eChai.Ventures 
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We are collaborating with Pro Zero Carbon, CoKarma - Coworking Space and Ewoke Studio for Wudbox Climate Dialogue in Hyderabad today (6th April, Saturday) at CoKarma Hitec City from 6 pm to 8 pm.

🎙️Shruti Rawal (Ewoke Studio)
🎙️Rashi Agrawal (Banyan Nation)
🎙️Dashveer Singh (Maharaja Carpets India)
🎙️Sundeep Singh (C-Forth Energy)
🎙️Nikhil Somani (Somani Packaging)

It will be hosted by Charu Dhyani & Shantanu Sharma (Pro Zero Carbon & Wudbox)

Free registration at eChai.Ventures 
We host eChai's two parallel startup meetups in Bengaluru every Saturday evening, one in Koramangala and the other in HSR Layout. 

Feel free to join whenever you happen to be in Bengaluru and nearby these areas.
Notes from eChai AI Social at GVFL:

Curious about what went down at the eChai Startup Social with GVFL on March 14, 2024? Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of insights and takeaways straight from our participants themselves.

Mitesh Shethwala Mitesh Shethwala
, Founder, Currently 

- For Graphics and Videos - 

Midjourney, ChatGPT, Adobe AI, 

You can use AI to replace lots of operational tasks and be more efficient. 

Aditya Shah - Founder & CEO, Because Aditya Shah
, Founder, Because 

Generating concepts
Generating photographs

Eleven Labs
Ai Voiceovers for explainer videod

Shalin Parikh - Founder & CEO, Entigrity Shalin Parikh
, Founder, Entigrity

For our edtech business. AI can be a great contributor for learners and content creators both. Apart from the most common use case of creating AI chatbot. 

We are planning to utilize AI tools in Content Discovery, Development and Delivery. Which include Voice & Chatbot based content search on our platform, Video Creation, Text Generation & Summarization (Building Synopsis & Flash Cards), Voice Over, Making a lot of Text Learning more fun through animated videos etc. 

I don't think we are looking at answers, mostly it's matter of implementation for us.

Nikita A Macquinn Nikita A Macquinn

AI for resume scanning and candidate shortlisting 

Fresh team & Jobscan

AI solutions for training content build and e-learning content for LMS integration

Also I observed that AI for emotional health and intelligence assessment for hiring of critical roles and leadership is not there

Jimish Kapadia - Co-Founder, Growth91 Jimish Kapadia

AI for Startup Deal Evaluation
AI for adding one strong point as an evaluation parameter for StartUp Founder

We are into fund raising for the startup and invest in early stage startups
Evaluation is a critical aspects for any early stage startups as you have limited financials.

Looking for some innovative AI driven algorithm/parameters to implement in our evaluation process.

Tarjani Shah Tarjani Shah

We use various tools in our office for graphics, images, and presentations, including ChatGPT-4 and its plugins and DALL-E, as well as Microsoft Copilot. We also utilize software that leverages AI in the backend for tasks like GST reconciliation. 

I recently shared a use case and a story titled "A Tale of Technology: AI's Impact on GST" on LinkedIn. You can find it here:
We’ll be hosting this fab panel with
Nikita Maheshwari - Co-Founder, Nikita Maheshwari
Haripriya Bhagat - Co-Founder, IndiaBiz Haripriya Bhagat
Riddhi Sharma - Founder & CEO, BabyOrgano Riddhi Sharma
, @
Deenky Shah - Co-Founder, Because Deenky Shah
Dr. Trishala Punjabi - CEO, BharatMD Dr. Trishala Punjabi
 today evening at IIMA Ventures.

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
We'll be hosting 'Marketing Strategies for Startups' meetup in Bengaluru today morning at Urban Vault HSR Layout 1515 from 11 am to 1 pm.

🎙️Rapti Gupta, Co-Founder & CMO, Bugasura
🎙️Ankita De, Founder & CMO, Utsav™
🎙️Varun Trivedi, Product Marketing, Cashfree Payments and Ex Co-Founder, IconScout

It will be moderated by Penchala Tharun 🚀, Founder,

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
We are collaborating with Timechain Labs & DevX to host 'Blockchain for Banking and Fintech Meetup' in Mumbai today morning (2nd March, Sat) at DevX Andheri East from 11 am to 1 pm.

🎙️Rohan Sharan, Founder, Timechain Labs
🎙️Mahesh Jadhav, Founder, One UPI

It will be moderated by Bharadwaj Kanamarlapudi.

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
I'll be hosting the fireside chat with
Nisarg Pandya - CEO, drivebuddyAI Nisarg Pandya
, Founder & CEO, drivebuddyAI at DeepTech Startups Meetup in Ahmedabad today evening (1st March, Friday) at Ahmedabad University (w/ VentureStudio) from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Free registration at
eChai's Singapore Startup Meetup is happening today (29th Feb, Thursday) at Draper Startup House Singapore from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Monika Mehta - Co-Founder, TrillionSale Monika Mehta
, Co-Founder, TrillionSale
Tushar Tejuja - MD, HackerTrail & Scout Tushar Tejuja
, Founder, Scout - AI Powered Talent Hunter

It will be moderated by
Smitha Saravanan Smitha Saravanan
, Business Development Manager, IKIGAISG.

Free registration.   
Collaborating with
Mihir Joshi - President, GVFL Mihir Joshi
 & GVFL to host eChai Socials at their new Venus Stratum office every week evening starting next week. 
Eashita Maheshwary - Business Growth Strategist & Community Enabler Eashita Maheshwary
, a Business Growth Strategist based out of Bangalore, is in Jaipur today.

We are organizing a small gathering for startup folks in Jaipur this evening at DevX Anand Fort, Malviya Nagar, starting from 6:30 pm onwards.

If you’re in Jaipur and would like to join us, please let me know.
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