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Folks at eChai AI Social

Vikram Patel Vikram Patel

I'm Vikram from We are Voice GenAI company helping business scale their market outreach in Sales, Hiring and Support. Feel to connect for trying out Voice GenAI or chat over AI and tech trends. 

Bhavesh Patel - Co-Founder, Bhavesh Patel

I'm bhavesh Patel, co-founder of We help businesses to get Branding and marketing ready by providing tools and content with Ai. Looking forward to connecting and learning.

Nisarg Pandya - CEO, drivebuddyAI Nisarg Pandya

I’m Nisarg Pandya leading drivebuddyAI ( - we’re building ADAS (Advanced driver assistance system) for Commercial Vehicles. 

Our advantage is India and intelligence developed on India - one of the most complex driving ecosystem in the world. 

We are developing AI for measuring drivability of drivers for fleets, insurability of fleets for insurance and building intelligence from human driving to make autonomous driving possible in India and for the world to handle complex scenarios.

Yash Shah Yash Shah

Hi everyone. I am Yash, Co-founder at

At Momentum, we help SaaS firms build better products, faster 🔥

Shreyan Mehta Shreyan Mehta

I'm Shreyan Mehta, a seasoned software engineer with over a decade of experience in programming. 

I'm deeply immersed in the world of technology, from GPT, diffusion, and langchain to MERN stack development and AWS. As the dedicated Product Manager and Karta Dharta of Asambhav AI firm, I've had the privilege of creating more than 30 generative ai products, some inhouse and some for clients, Most of them having thousands of users. We help founder(s) / company from idea in mind phase to money in pocket phase end to end. 

The product I showcased on the day was (open in desktop) 

If there is anything i can help with feel free to reach out or learn more about me on LinkedIn :

Himani Kankaria - Founder, Missive Digital Himani Kankaria

Hey all. I am Himani Kankaria, founder at Missive Digital, where we help SaaS product companies with Minimum Viable Strategy around content, SEO, social media, and email marketing for their GTM and scale-ups.

Amrit Trivedi Amrit Trivedi

Hey guys, Amrit Trivedi here from GreyDesk India. I have 12+ years of experience in Mobile App development. Over the past two years, I have worked closely with my team on GPT, stable diffusion, LangChain, and custom server setups aimed at reducing LLM training and generation costs.

If anyone needs help setting up a custom server, feel free to reach out to me on LinkedIn:

Pratik Vohera - Head of Product, Petpooja Pratik Vohera

Hey Folks, Myself Pratik Vohera, CTO @ Petpooja, leading the Product & Technology part. Doing exciting work in enabling AI/ML capabilities in Platform. I'm looking forward to connecting and learning.

Sohil Patel  - Co-Founder, OIZOM Sohil Patel

Hello All, Sohil Patel, CTO @ Oizom, working on interesting AI ML projects for IoT and GIS based data. Happy connect with you all. Best way to connect and learn about me is:

Ekta Shah Ekta Shah

Hi everyone!  I'm Ekta, co-founder of Biziverse.  We aim to make every small business in India a Smart Business by making ERP and CRM software accessible, easy and affordable. 

We currently use AI primarily for marketing but eagerly exploring leveraging its power for even better analytics. 

Ketul Shah Ketul Shah

A pleasure to meet you all! 
This is Ketul, working at as AI team lead ... 

Also, I am working on

- Automated voice-based communication
- LegalTech 
- Industrial computer vision based products 

Would be happy to connect with you -

Thanks a ton eChai team [@Jatin Chaudhary ] for the efforts 🫡

Aditya Shah - Founder & CEO, Because Aditya Shah

hi everyone, Aditya here...i am the founder and CEO of Because - branding and marketing agency

lot of our image generation and voice overs and some editing hacks are with AI
Here's eChai's Startup Social Stories...

From the last meetup at GVFL Limited's swanky premise in Ahmedabad. A room full of energetic, curious and inspirational entrepreneurs...

This social happened to be one of the most interesting event I've been part of.

It was awesome meeting Kushagra Pandya, who is building - an impressive AI based video editor & currently boasting of 2mn+ users. Deep insights & candid conversations.

It's heartening to see some interesting work happening in the area of AI, Web 3.0, Content & Marketing space from Ahmedabad.

Mitesh Shethwala's Currently is a promising real time social media startup making waves.

Swayam Raval is building AI driven influencer MarTech tool Admyre.Club.

Shreyans Panchal's YOMO is another promising tool to drive AI powered users insights.

Met Rohan Patel, who is building Ariso - an AI driven personal nutrition platform.

Bhavesh Patel has already revolutionized how social media marketing happens! His is a global venture now.

Ekta Shah is building Biziverse - an enterprise ERP loved by thousands of organizations.

Meeting entrepreneurs from similar businesses always stirs interesting conversations. Met Viraj Rajani and Dipti Parmar - who are doing some really good stuff in area of digital marketing.

Always a pleasure meeting you, Chirag Panchal, Pankaj Bhimani and Amit Panchal.

Very fascinating to know about Tridhya Tech Limited by Gaurav Barot, doing some exceptional stuff in area of #Drone #Surveillance.

Loved chatting, Heet Sheth!

A big shoutout to Jatin Chaudhary for putting together this lineup of speakers. Thoroughly enjoyed!

I could not interact with some of the fellas.. but I'd love to catch up again. Rushabh Shah, Harsha Bhurani, Koumal Kalantry, Kush P. and ABHISHEK JAIN.
Thrilled to host Pratyush Rai Co-Founder of Merlin AI by Foyer, at eChai Ventures AI Meetup in Bengaluru today evening ! 

Join us for an engaging discussion. See you at Urban Vault HSR Layout 1515 from 6 pm to 8 pm! 
In the next 5-7 years, traditional video editing may become less common, transitioning instead towards SaaS-based solutions!!!

I gained this insight from Kushagra Pandya of at eChai Ventures social this week.

As much vague as it looks, the deliberations on this and various other topics validated the statement. 

Interacting with founders from various sectors always makes you learn so much. This is the power of networking.

Now back to the video editing topic, here are some interesting insights:

- Video content creation is rapidly growing, currently comprising 65-70% The video format of content creation is inevitably growing at a rapid scale. As far as I can see, around 65-70% of the content being created today is video-format.

- Short form content is the way ahead for the marketers. The ever-decreasing attention span of the audience has been the case for success of TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube shorts and many others.

- At the same time, Podcasts has been an interesting marketing funnel for dissemination of information. These podcasts are generally long form in nature with a minimum of 30 minutes till 3-4 hours.

- Video editing of these podcasts to capture the viral elements and put it across in the form of reels and shorts has been the core. And companies like have scaled it to the next level.

As we see the next change in technology, more and more of such business models will thrive and scale better.

eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary GVFL Limited Kushagra Pandya Tanmay Shanishchara Viraj Rajani Pankaj Bhimani Dr Mayank Patel, CFA Nishtha Gurnani Harsha Bhurani  Gaurav Barot Amit Panchal Bhavesh Patel Mitesh Shethwala Ekta Shah Koumal Kalantry ABHISHEK JAIN 
The eChai Ventures AI Social was a truly great experience.Yesterday, I had a pleasant time discussing various AI topics. The conversation with folks was enlightening, and I learned more about AI applications. Thank you, Jatin Chaudhary and GVFL Limited, for hosting such a wonderful social gathering.

Where do we all use AI nowadays? Be it in presentations, content creation, scanning interviews, job searches, education, on LinkedIn, reviewing documents, scanning documents, in e-commerce businesses using photography, or applying it to other skills.

The discussion on fantastic use cases was enlightening; there's a saying that a lot can happen over a cup of tea. Such great discussions are not always about showcasing who we are but often about understanding where the world is heading. The interaction with a few folks was great, and I'm looking forward to meeting and connecting with you again soon.

The discussion of AI's beautiful use cases across various domains—be it driving AI Nisarg Pandya, AI-driven interviews Vinit B Yadav, the education sector Niraj Harlalka, or the creation of mobile apps through AI—highlights its transformative power and versatility.

Nowadays, we often see blogs and posts from AI, and you can feel the difference between personally written and AI-generated content. It was also noted that sites using AI-generated content will be penalized, and the day may come when you have to credit your article as being generated by AI as thoroughly pointed out by Dipti Parmar.

Great mission of Ekta Shah founder of Biziverse is to empower Indian MSMEs to become world-class. Also discussion with VIKASH RAJPUROHIT founder of VastraApp, which is Vertical SaaS for the Textile Industry, was truly fruitful.

The clever integration of personal website visibility in the background during a concise two-line pitch adds a personalized touch that blends professional presentation .The commendable speed at which these tasks are executed is truly impressive Jatin Chaudhary.

In In the world of finance, as a qualified CA and CISA-certified professional, I look forward to more such use cases in the field, but along with ensuring data privacy and personal privacy. So, to conclude, AI is a companion, and we should use it wisely, not blindly. It can never replace humans but definitely saves time.
Notes from eChai AI Social at GVFL:

Curious about what went down at the eChai Startup Social with GVFL on March 14, 2024? Get ready to dive into a whirlwind of insights and takeaways straight from our participants themselves.

Mitesh Shethwala Mitesh Shethwala
, Founder, Currently 

- For Graphics and Videos - 

Midjourney, ChatGPT, Adobe AI, 

You can use AI to replace lots of operational tasks and be more efficient. 

Aditya Shah - Founder & CEO, Because Aditya Shah
, Founder, Because 

Generating concepts
Generating photographs

Eleven Labs
Ai Voiceovers for explainer videod

Shalin Parikh - Founder & CEO, Entigrity Shalin Parikh
, Founder, Entigrity

For our edtech business. AI can be a great contributor for learners and content creators both. Apart from the most common use case of creating AI chatbot. 

We are planning to utilize AI tools in Content Discovery, Development and Delivery. Which include Voice & Chatbot based content search on our platform, Video Creation, Text Generation & Summarization (Building Synopsis & Flash Cards), Voice Over, Making a lot of Text Learning more fun through animated videos etc. 

I don't think we are looking at answers, mostly it's matter of implementation for us.

Nikita A Macquinn Nikita A Macquinn

AI for resume scanning and candidate shortlisting 

Fresh team & Jobscan

AI solutions for training content build and e-learning content for LMS integration

Also I observed that AI for emotional health and intelligence assessment for hiring of critical roles and leadership is not there

Jimish Kapadia - Co-Founder, Growth91 Jimish Kapadia

AI for Startup Deal Evaluation
AI for adding one strong point as an evaluation parameter for StartUp Founder

We are into fund raising for the startup and invest in early stage startups
Evaluation is a critical aspects for any early stage startups as you have limited financials.

Looking for some innovative AI driven algorithm/parameters to implement in our evaluation process.

Tarjani Shah Tarjani Shah

We use various tools in our office for graphics, images, and presentations, including ChatGPT-4 and its plugins and DALL-E, as well as Microsoft Copilot. We also utilize software that leverages AI in the backend for tasks like GST reconciliation. 

I recently shared a use case and a story titled "A Tale of Technology: AI's Impact on GST" on LinkedIn. You can find it here:
See all those consumer products behind us. What if I told you that all these can be created using AI?

Imagine a world where products are no longer solely developed based on intuition and market research, but rather a world where AI becomes the driving force behind the creation of consumer packaged products. This idea is not a distant dream but a reality taking shape as we speak and Ai Palette is at the forefront of it.

To further this vision, we are excited to announce our latest funding round of 5.8 Million USD by partnering with Tin Men Capital and with continued support of Exfinity Venture Partners and pi Ventures.

At Ai Palette, we are passionate about leveraging the power of Generative AI to transform the traditional CPG Industry and drive innovation. With this recent investment, we are poised to take our disruptive technology to new heights and expand our reach into exciting new verticals.

🌟 Entering the Beauty and Personal Care Sector: Building on our success in disrupting traditional CPG markets in F&B, we are thrilled to announce our expansion into the dynamic world of Beauty and Personal Care. This move represents a strategic leap forward as we continue to push boundaries and deliver cutting-edge solutions to meet evolving consumer needs.

💡 Transforming the Industry with AI: Our proprietary Generative AI technology enables us to create unique, data-driven insights and develop personalized products that resonate with consumers on a deeper level. By harnessing the power of AI, we are unlocking new possibilities in product development, marketing, and customer engagement, setting new standards for innovation within the industry.

As we embark on this exciting new chapter, we remain committed to our vision of shaping the future of the CPG landscape on a global scale. With our innovative approach and strategic partnerships, we are well-positioned to drive meaningful change and create value for consumers, brands, and investors alike.

Thank You to all our well-wishers and supporters: None of this would be possible without the unwavering support of our customers, investors, and dedicated Paletteers. We are immensely grateful for your belief in our vision and your commitment to our success.

Stay tuned for more updates as we continue to disrupt and innovate in the CPG industry! Together, we are shaping the future of consumer goods with AI-driven solutions that inspire, delight, and transform.
Tusker AI : No-Code AI Computer Vision Platform for Image and Video Analytics

Tusker is a NO code AI Vision platform, which helps the entire Business Community by Automating their Computer Vision project in span of just few hours instead of weeks without knowledge about AI.

About the team

TUSKER AI Co-Founders worked on similar initiatives, and they also ran a couple of Bootstrap start-ups successfully for the past decade. 

They were professionals and worked in a Similar domain for the last 5 years where the computer Vision and Surveillance Industry were part of it but it Lacked Automation. 

So, this leads to thinking more about Innovation and Product Automation. So, in a nutshell, they are similar tech-savvy like-minded Entrepreneurs who have been working with a similar vision for almost a decade now. 

TUSKER AI’s co-founders were colleagues first, then friends, then became people having the same enthusiasm, and now a couple of innovators working on the same Vision to revolutionize and democratize AI. 

Eureka moment

Well Eureka moment for me itself had a long journey and after serving in the IT sector for over a decade now the pain point for me was crystal clear and I was cent percent sure what is my next goal for my community and how I can be suitable for solving this. 

As an entrepreneur for over a decade and coming from the Artificial Intelligence domain, I always wonder what more can be done to make people's lives easy. 

Also, as an AI Technologist and as a business owner, I should have the liberty to experiment with AI without having core coding knowledge and generate AI models.

How does it work?

Business model

SAAS-based model - per camera monthly subscription) for video analytics as well as API calls(per million images) and per model creation on our platform.  


  • 200 million images processed
  • 150+ Models trained
  • 200+ users
  • 100+ live streams processed  

Community support

Speaking on the behalf of the whole team, it would be an honor for us if any Technologists or any AI-Market Enthusiast could be our Mentor/Advisor as we are looking for these profiles to help us achieve our targeted goals. We are looking for “Global GTM” as our vision is to empower everyone at a Global Scale with our Global Enterprise Grade-Tool-kit, therefore we need a “Global Guidance” to reflect our visibility globally.
Notes from eChai's DeepTech Startups Meetup at Ahmedabad University

How drivebuddyAi started and what drivebuddyAI does?

DBAI is an Automotive AI startup working in the domain of Automotive Aftermarket in the category of ADAS.

What is AI in drivebuddyAI and what are the challenges about Human AI Interactions?
The drivers are usually in touch with our driver trainer team who talks to drivers and comforts them for their better safety and behavioral issues identified by the technology.

How do drivers react to AI alerts and how the resistance is being handled?

The drivers take 10-12 months of efforts to get confidence and comfort with the AI alerts i.e. a typical human psychological phase of accepting a tech in daily work life.

⁠What are the challenges of getting a customer, investors?

DBAI is funded and was raised before Covid in 2020 and since then have progressed towards becoming one of the major players in Indian market.

What are the challenges about hiring talent, building AI models and how it was handled in the case of drivebuddyAI?

Ahmedabad specifically lacks in talent pool required for AI, dbAI has talent pool available in Delhi, Vizag, Pune, Jaipur and all these are mid experience to entry level engineers working under the managent of domain expert AI engineers to solve daily AI challenges.

Typical challenges of building AI involves data collection, data curation, annotations, training, GPUs, model optimization etc. 

The DBAI journey started at a very early stage by using the pre-trained models for perception module to collecting and annotating data for Indian ecosystem when there was no Indian dataset available for building AI on it. The process of annotations, having GPUs for training purpose and managing a complete cycle of the data generation to updating a model with continuious learning is the journey in building AI.

To build AI/deep tech product startups, first one needs to start with whatever is readily available in the market which can give functional accuracy and then building on top of it by the feedback from the users, customers can help building the product focused on a specific domain.
I'll be hosting the fireside chat with
Nisarg Pandya - CEO, drivebuddyAI Nisarg Pandya
, Founder & CEO, drivebuddyAI at DeepTech Startups Meetup in Ahmedabad today evening (1st March, Friday) at Ahmedabad University (w/ VentureStudio) from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Free registration at
Back at eChai Ventures tomorrow chatting about marketing at early stage startups. 🚀

Bang in the middle of COVID - I remember Jatin reaching out for a session on content and I got to join a really rich panel of experts with Sujata and Taniya from Suta, Riddhi from Avenue Ecom and Smita from Delloite, ex Duroflex.

I learned so much from their diverse opinions and experiences.

I’m joining another panel tomorrow with Ankita De and Varun Trivedi to chat about marketing at early stage companies in HSR Layout, 11 AM onwards.

Join us if you’d like to catch up. Im looking forward to learning from this panel as well.

Details ⬇️
Join us for our upcoming event in collaboration with Azure Society of Excellence & Microsoft Azure, and explore how AI accelerates idea generation, refines concepts, and optimizes strategies, reshaping the path to startup success!

Mark your calendar - March 1, 2024, 6:00 pm onwards.

Register now at
If you see and do things differently, then this post is for you.

Join our rapidly growing startup as we revolutionise the CPG landscape leverageing AI 🚀

While other companies are downsizing and letting go of their top talent, we at Ai Palette are gearing up for unprecedented growth and expansion. Our vision is bold, our mission is clear, and our team is unstoppable. We're seeking partners in innovation across tech and business functions who are ready to roll up their sleeves and make a real impact.

Apply directly on the Linkedin jobs -

Our core values are:

1️⃣ Be Brave
We dream big and push boundaries because we believe innovation requires creative curiosity and purposeful exploration about what the future holds.

2️⃣ Be Empathetic
We listen intently to our clients’ needs and focus on building diverse teams because we believe a culture of trust thrives with inclusiveness, transparency and honesty.

3️⃣ Be Committed
We take collective ownership of our work because we believe good leadership inspires collaborative ideals as well as a client-focused determination.

If you are eager to be part of something dynamic, where your ideas are valued, and your potential is limitless, then look no further! 

Join us and let’s build something incredible together.
YOMO AI is AI-Powered Conversation Intelligence Platform for teams.

So, back in 2019, I just tagged along with a buddy of mine because he had this meeting about some Women 4.0 ML workshops happening across India. Honestly, I wasn't all that into it; just wanted a quick way to hitch a ride to LD BRTS and head home. But then, things took a turn.

We met this guy who was all pumped about organizing the event. They were chatting away about plans and execution, and there I was, just hanging. I had a bunch of ideas popping into my head, but I kept quiet. Then they shifted gears to talking about growing their community, and I couldn't help myself—I just blurted out my two cents on how design and branding could really make a difference. That's all I really knew back then.

Turns out, this sparked a whole new conversation, and before I knew it, I was deep in discussion with Tirth, who was running this Instagram community with over 18K followers. We met again the next day, and bam, we were on the same wavelength, dreaming big about starting our own thing in the ed-tech space, which was pretty fresh at the time. We quickly cooked up MAD—short for Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Data Science. Fast forward six months, we were teaching over 300 students and had made some good cash. But then, COVID hit, and everything just fell apart. We had our share of clashes and decided to call it quits.

Fast forward again, two years later, I hit Tirth up out of the blue, thinking we should give it another shot. This time we launched HYPR, aiming to shake up the ed-tech scene. But turns out, the timing was off; the market wasn't looking for another ed-tech player. So, we had to pivot from that too.

Now, we're onto something new called YOMO. 

YOMO is a user insights platform that enables product teams to build better customer-centric products by going beyond basic analytics. It's been quite the ride, from a random meetup to launching not one, but two startups, facing setbacks and still pushing forward. If you told me back in 2019 that tagging along for a ride would lead to all this, I'd have laughed. But here we are, proof that sometimes the smallest decisions can lead you to places you never imagined.
The debut of Lightcone Podcast, a podcast series by Y Combinator. 

Kicking off with "The Truth About Building AI Startups Today," this series brings you up close with the thoughts and insights of YC's own Gary, Jared Harge, and Diana. 

In the first episode of the Lightcone Podcast, YC Group Partners dig into everything they have learned working with the top founders building AI startups today. They share the ideas that are working particularly well, mistakes to avoid, and take a look at the competitive landscape among the current AI giants.

Whether you're just curious about AI or deep into planning your next big venture, this is something you won't want to miss.

We are hosting the Hiring AI Talent for Startups meetup in Bengaluru today evening at WeCP HQ, HSR Layout from 6 pm to 8 pm.

Abhishek Kaushik - Co-Founder & CEO, WeCP Abhishek Kaushik
Shivam Tiwari Shivam Tiwari
(John Jacobs - LensKart)
Shreyans Panchal Shreyans Panchal
 (Yomo AI)

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
I am thrilled to announce the launch of FoodGPT, a revolutionary tool in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) industry, designed to provide powerful and unparalleled consumer insights. 🎉

"Unlocking Consumer Insights: FoodGPT" 💡

As a leading AI startup in the CPG industry, we understand the challenges of staying ahead in the competitive landscape. That's why we are proud to present FoodGPT, a specialized vertical tool that goes beyond the capabilities of general-purpose models like OpenAI's GPT-4 and Google's LaMDA, providing CPG brands with deeper and more accurate consumer insights.

🔍 How is FoodGPT Different? 🔍

📈 Unrivaled Volume & Variety: FoodGPT has been trained on an extensive dataset of over 61 Billion data points across 24 geographies in 17 languages, making it incredibly accurate in understanding global consumer preferences, habits, and desires. With this enhanced precision, businesses can make well-informed decisions and create products that resonate with their target audience.

💡 Solves Hallucination: For the same question, FoodGPT answers quantitatively with exact consumer drivers along with percentages and data points and provides reference links compared to generalized models that answer more qualitatively with no to very less quantitative information.

💬 Granularity: Generalised models create a very high-level concept since they've been trained on Wikipedia, articles, and books. FoodGPT, on the other hand, is trained on a domain knowledge base that allows the granular level answers to the F & B related questions and text generations.

🚀 Embrace the Future of Consumer Insights with FoodGPT! 🚀

At FoodGPT, we believe that understanding consumers is the key to building successful and sustainable brands. With our state-of-the-art tool, we are empowering businesses to make data-driven decisions, achieve innovation, and foster meaningful connections with their customers.

👉 If you want to gain a competitive edge and be at the forefront of consumer trends, reach out to us at [email protected] to witness the future of consumer insights!
I'm incredibly excited to announce the AICamp!  (

Special Thanks to
Mehul Fanawala Mehul Fanawala
Dhaval Nagar - Founder, AppGambit Dhaval Nagar
  for being early adopters and helping us in shaping the platform 🙏

AICamp allows your entire team to work together in a shared and collaborative workspace, utilizing all premium AI models(GPT3/4, Claude and many other ). Empower your entire organization with role-based access and detailed AI usage analytics.

Key features:

* Multiple LLMs in Single Interface
* Bring your own API key for any LLMs (Pay as you go!)
* Unlimited Chat History
* Share Chat/Prompt with Team Members
* Single API for entire organization / Easy to manage and light on pocket!

Currently it's for individual use and team version will be release on 10th feb.

Where I am seeking help:

* Feedback and improvement idea from folks who use AI in their day to day life.
* Any team specific feature that you might think to must have.

Where I can help you:

* Building products
* Opensource growth

PS: please connect your paid openAI keys to see how it works (

Had an amazing time at @WestbridgeCap B2B SaaS dinner event.

Met so many founders building in India 🇮🇳 for the world 🌍 and pretty convinced on “long India” for the next decade, at least.
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About preferred eChai Partner Brands program:

The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network through an annual subscription.

Key benefits:

  • Prominent Listing: Feature on the Preferred eChai Partner Brands page for a full year..
  • Engagement Opportunities: Participate in approximately five highly relevant in-person eChai Meetups annually, providing direct engagement with potential partners, customers, and investors.
  • Feature Spotlight: Feature on eChai.Ventures feed, highlighting the brand's story, achievements, and offerings to a founders community.

Connect with Jatin Chaudhary, Co-Founder of eChai Ventures, to learn more about how brands are leveraging this program. Reach out via WhatsApp or via email [email protected].