Bharat SaaS Yatra Feed
Revealing our first Immersive SaaS Exhibition in Odisha in 3 days ❤️

Have been in touch with multiple folks in Odisha, and the startup ecosystem has been super duper helpful!

For everyone in & around Bhubaneswar - Do swing by our exhibition, there's ton of things happening here :)

What's the exhibition all about? Dropping in more info on this soon ;)

March 12th & 13th in Srusti Academy of Management (Autonomous) - See you there 🖖

Sakyasingha, Santosh, Subrat, Anil, Rashmi, B.P., Pootul - Thanks a lot for all the support :) You guys are rockstars! ❤️

Swing by the exhibition in Bhubaneswar -

#BharatSaaSYatra #odisha

“Prateek, let’s travel across India to know more about the stories of India SaaS”

4 months ago, my co-founder Sri reached out to me with this crazy text and bag full of even crazier ideas. Without a second thought, I knew I was in.

And that's how from Day 0, both of us went all in.

And here we are today—I’m extremely excited to introduce to you, The Bharat SaaS Yatra!

Our vision? To celebrate the Rise of India SaaS, and cover hundreds of stories of SaaS Founders—The wins, the losses, the challenges and everything in between ❤️

Stories not just from the Tier 1 cities, but also the gritty tales from Tier 2 & Tier 3 cities.

Hitting the road for the next 4 months to travel across 20 cities and capture the Fan-SaaStic stories out there.

Wondering, where we’ll meet? In one of the finest immersive SaaS exhibitions that we’re setting up across all the 20 cities. I bet, you’re going to love it!

Hop in with us in the Yatra 🙂

Link to register for the exhibitions


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