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Tusker AI : No-Code AI Computer Vision Platform for Image and Video Analytics

Tusker is a NO code AI Vision platform, which helps the entire Business Community by Automating their Computer Vision project in span of just few hours instead of weeks without knowledge about AI.

About the team

TUSKER AI Co-Founders worked on similar initiatives, and they also ran a couple of Bootstrap start-ups successfully for the past decade. 

They were professionals and worked in a Similar domain for the last 5 years where the computer Vision and Surveillance Industry were part of it but it Lacked Automation. 

So, this leads to thinking more about Innovation and Product Automation. So, in a nutshell, they are similar tech-savvy like-minded Entrepreneurs who have been working with a similar vision for almost a decade now. 

TUSKER AI’s co-founders were colleagues first, then friends, then became people having the same enthusiasm, and now a couple of innovators working on the same Vision to revolutionize and democratize AI. 

Eureka moment

Well Eureka moment for me itself had a long journey and after serving in the IT sector for over a decade now the pain point for me was crystal clear and I was cent percent sure what is my next goal for my community and how I can be suitable for solving this. 

As an entrepreneur for over a decade and coming from the Artificial Intelligence domain, I always wonder what more can be done to make people's lives easy. 

Also, as an AI Technologist and as a business owner, I should have the liberty to experiment with AI without having core coding knowledge and generate AI models.

How does it work?

Business model

SAAS-based model - per camera monthly subscription) for video analytics as well as API calls(per million images) and per model creation on our platform.  


  • 200 million images processed
  • 150+ Models trained
  • 200+ users
  • 100+ live streams processed  

Community support

Speaking on the behalf of the whole team, it would be an honor for us if any Technologists or any AI-Market Enthusiast could be our Mentor/Advisor as we are looking for these profiles to help us achieve our targeted goals. We are looking for “Global GTM” as our vision is to empower everyone at a Global Scale with our Global Enterprise Grade-Tool-kit, therefore we need a “Global Guidance” to reflect our visibility globally.
Notes from eChai's DeepTech Startups Meetup at Ahmedabad University

How drivebuddyAi started and what drivebuddyAI does?

DBAI is an Automotive AI startup working in the domain of Automotive Aftermarket in the category of ADAS.

What is AI in drivebuddyAI and what are the challenges about Human AI Interactions?
The drivers are usually in touch with our driver trainer team who talks to drivers and comforts them for their better safety and behavioral issues identified by the technology.

How do drivers react to AI alerts and how the resistance is being handled?

The drivers take 10-12 months of efforts to get confidence and comfort with the AI alerts i.e. a typical human psychological phase of accepting a tech in daily work life.

⁠What are the challenges of getting a customer, investors?

DBAI is funded and was raised before Covid in 2020 and since then have progressed towards becoming one of the major players in Indian market.

What are the challenges about hiring talent, building AI models and how it was handled in the case of drivebuddyAI?

Ahmedabad specifically lacks in talent pool required for AI, dbAI has talent pool available in Delhi, Vizag, Pune, Jaipur and all these are mid experience to entry level engineers working under the managent of domain expert AI engineers to solve daily AI challenges.

Typical challenges of building AI involves data collection, data curation, annotations, training, GPUs, model optimization etc. 

The DBAI journey started at a very early stage by using the pre-trained models for perception module to collecting and annotating data for Indian ecosystem when there was no Indian dataset available for building AI on it. The process of annotations, having GPUs for training purpose and managing a complete cycle of the data generation to updating a model with continuious learning is the journey in building AI.

To build AI/deep tech product startups, first one needs to start with whatever is readily available in the market which can give functional accuracy and then building on top of it by the feedback from the users, customers can help building the product focused on a specific domain.
I'll be hosting the fireside chat with
Nisarg Pandya - CEO, drivebuddyAI Nisarg Pandya
, Founder & CEO, drivebuddyAI at DeepTech Startups Meetup in Ahmedabad today evening (1st March, Friday) at Ahmedabad University (w/ VentureStudio) from 6 pm to 8 pm.

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