eChai Demo Day Feed
Had a great day at eChai Startup Demo Day pitching Impler.

Just 2 minutes of pitch and a few minutes of Q&A were enough to open doors for genuine pain points and insights.

The event was filled with many amazing people, fantastic startups, and interesting questions. Even the 12th grade does join and network with people.

Nice meeting with Kshitish Dixit, Mehul Shah, Maulik Domadia, Ravi Gandhi, and Viraj Zaveri

Special thanks to Jatin Chaudhary and eChai Ventures for an amazing opportunity.
Had an enriching experience at the eChai Startup Demo Day in Pune last Saturday!

Attended a captivating showcase of startups, and two in particular stood out for their innovative offerings:

#ElektrikExpress : Their focus on the EV space, specifically building electric scooters for gig workers, is truly commendable. What caught my attention was their ability to identify a niche market and offer affordable solutions despite stiff competition. It was inspiring to learn that the founders are still in college, showcasing incredible entrepreneurship at such a young age.

#Phynart : Revolutionizing our homes with smart technology, Phynart impressed with their seamless integration of various smart products through a single app. Their strong revenue generation reflects the effectiveness of their solutions.

Kudos to #eChai Ventures for curating yet another impactful demo day! Looking forward to witnessing more innovation and entrepreneurship in the future.
Gained invaluable Insights and Inspiration from the latest eChai Startup Demo Day at IIMA Ventures in Ahmedabad.

On this Saturday I had attend Echai meet up for Start up enthusiasts, and it was awesome experience with innovation ,collaboration and potentials, from dynamic pitches to engaging discussion ,the event was full of entrepreneurial spirit.

There are many founders who represent their product and ideas. one founder introduced FMCG product app for fastest delivery service and highlights the emergence needs of online delivery services. on the other side the founder focusing on the travel bag product.

In Addition the founders of Smytten also shared invaluable insights into strategic approach and their journey to success. Overall, the eChai meetup served as a phenomenal platform where investors, start-up founders, and industry professionals meet to discuss emerging business opportunities and exchange knowledge.

This event helped me in fuelling my passion for innovation and Entrepreneurship.
I'm thrilled to share the incredible experience I had at recent Demo Day eChai Ventures IIMA Ventures at Ahmedabad curtesy of Jatin Chaudhary.

What made the day truly special was connecting with so many passionate entrepreneurs who share the drive for innovation. From insightful conversations to valuable feedback, meeting amazing people like you reminded us of the power of community in propelling us forward.

Jatin Chaudhary team keep up the good work really appreciate it on behalf the community and 1 Loyalty.
Spot me!! I am the guy with ✌️ in there It is not easy to get 225 people in one single pic! Demo Day where budding startup’s pitch, feel proud to say I am the part of such a vibrant start up community  @eChaiVentures which lead by @malavwarke and myself and fellow founders in Pune.
Eventful saturday, hosted the panel discussion and eChai Startup Demo Day in Mumbai for eChai Ventures (Jatin Chaudhary) in collaboration with DevX đź’Ş.

Pawan Lakhwani (Dream Incubator) & Anuvrat Pandey (Prath Ventures) have graced the panel & shared the VC perspective on how startups should approach fund raising & building a cap table. 🚀

Demoday encompassed pitches from:

1. Vaibhav Shenoy (Genius Search): A conversational search engine trying to revolutionize search experience but making it move interactive & converstational. 🔎

2. Hartaj Trehan (OptimX Sports): Helping sports team build & manage their website, online store, event roster and ticketing within 30 minutes. 🏉

3. Samar Raj (Way2Cure): Serving as a one stop solution for healthcare services and compassionate care, pre & post hospitalization. 🏥

4. Vijay Chouhan (Costan): Building a next generation tool for content creators and influencers. 🌎

5. Sneha Thakkar (Woople Foods): Pioneering in woodapple jam by combining traditional flavors with modern culinary techniques.

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