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Imagine gathering a few marketing experts in a room and guess what they do.

Probably an intellectual fight over who is more 'creative'. πŸ˜„

Well, that was not the case yesterday when we met at eChai Ventures - social at GVFL Limited office yesterday. A productive session conducted by forever smiling Jatin Chaudhary was more than a chai-biscuit gathering.

Very very helpful to learn insights, marketing hacks, AI driven marketing and business strategies. Truly, a #CoRise moment.

Folks, here's an open shoutout to everyone - happy to meet again in person, to discuss more than just hacks. 😎

Jaydip Parikh, Amit Panchal, πŸš€Jignesh Thakkar, Nikita Lalwani, Arpan Shah, Parth Brahmbhatt, Himani Kankaria, Viraj Rajani, Ankit Agrawal, Anil Salvi πŸ‰, Sahil Shah, Tarjani Shah
Contributing to streaming conversations around marketing in #Surat is a great delight and also the need of the hour. We've all witnessed events centering around startups, funding, finance, art, textile, auto, energy, and various other sectors but one pivotal factor "Marketing" still remains overshadowed & undervalued.

There's clear lack of education on marketing, both from the standpoint of brands and marketers themselves. It's time we marketeers collectively come together, uplift the significance of marketing in our ecosystem.

Let's ensure every voice in #Surat is equipped with ample knowledge and tools to harness the potential of marketing.

Glad eChai Ventures & Manoj Adwani is taking initiatives forging the culture of strong brand image!
Had an amazing time attending the event last Saturday evening hosted by eChai Ventures and LOGICWIND πŸš€ It was an incredible opportunity to connect with amazing founders, exchange ideas, and gain insights into the latest trends shaping our industry.

The panel (Saurabh Pacheriwal,Hardik Dawar, Anushi Shah,Meghna Kherajani,Roshan Chaudhari,Radhika Agarwal) shared some valuable insights for new startup founders:

πŸ” To establish client connections and nurture them, keep the approach very personalized based on the client. This results in better client conversion and retention.

πŸ“ž Quick responses to client queries play a major role in client satisfaction. It's not just about great numbers and results; it's about being attentive and responsive.

πŸ’Ό As a founder, having an authoritative or strong point of view of what you bring to the table and what results you can help achieve is crucial.

πŸš€ Confused about when to start marketing for your product? The answer: even before the product hits the market. Start by sharing free resources and insights for your target audience to identify the first adopters for your product.

Thanks to Manoj Adwani for making this event possible. It was an enriching experience, and I'm excited to be part of more such upcoming events.
Thank you for joining us as I hosted the eChai Ventures Marketing Summit at Urban Vault, HSR!

My key takeaways:

Sharuti Mittal: Paying more attention to the labels on our foods is crucial.

Ajitesh Shankar Das: Working closely with the product folks enables in targeting the ideal customer profile.

Parasar Sarma: Talking to the customer is everyone's job. Stories that stay with us exist there.

Aquibur Rahman: There's immense value in talking to your customers on why are they coming to you and how can you serve them better.

Thank you for making this gathering happen, Jatin Chaudhary!

To HSR, With Love ❀️
Your Cheerleader from HSRisHome
Saturday evening spent at this networking hub of startups at eChai Ventures in Pune. Thanks Malav Warke for having me.

I had more to learn than to share, thanks to the wondeful co-panelists Nidhi Thakkar Shikha Pakhide Richa Singh. Breaking away from jargons of marketing strategy to dicussing web 3.0 and Gen AI... it covered whole spectrum of marketing.

Interesting was that the participants opened up about thier apprehensions towards marketing. Marketing is not always big bang budgets. Its understanding your product, your market and your customer deeply.
Choosing channels, means, metrics of mesurement, ROI and attribution are topics which will then follow.
🌟 What a weekend! Had the privilege of engaging with amazing audiences on two different stages, discussing startups, brand building, and product marketing.

On Saturday, I shared the stage with esteemed founders Ankita De
and Rapti Gupta at an eChai Ventures event, moderated by the fantastic Penchala Tharun πŸš€. We delved into topics ranging from marketing and communities to startups and product marketing, with a special focus on the fintech space. A big thank you to eChai and Jatin Chaudhary for this opportunity! πŸ™

Simultaneously, I had the pleasure of interacting with numerous entrepreneurs who are passionately building their own ventures. The insights gathered from diverse industries, from healthcare to the evolving Indian solar market, were truly enlightening. πŸ™Œ

On Sunday, the learning journey continued at a MyCaptain event, where I connected with over 80 individuals exploring the intricacies of Product Marketing.

We delved into the different strategies of product marketing, and I had the opportunity to walk them through a real-life campaign from Cashfree Payments, viewed through the lens of product marketing. Witnessing the participants' demos and the depth of insights they brought to the table was inspiring. 🎊

A huge shoutout to everyone who attended and engaged in these discussions. Your enthusiasm and curiosity made these events truly memorable. Special thanks to Tejaswi Vuppula and the entire MyCaptain team for this opportunity. πŸ™

Looking forward to more such enriching events and interactions in the future!
Spent a dynamic Saturday morning with a group of dedicated entrepreneurs with eChai Ventures, exchanging invaluable insights and strategies for startup success. πŸ™Œ

We delved into key takeaways crucial for entrepreneurial success: πŸ“ˆ

1. Importance of Product Marketing: Emphasized the pivotal role of product marketing in effectively communicating the value proposition and benefits of your offering to the target audience.

2. Understanding CAC and LTV: Discussed the significance of Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Lifetime Value (LTV) metrics in guiding sustainable growth and profitability strategies.

3. PLG and SLG Strategies: Explored the power of Product-Led Growth (PLG) and Sales-Led Growth (SLG) approaches, highlighting their respective advantages and suitability based on business models.

4. Finding Ideal Customer Profile (ICP): Stressed the necessity of identifying the Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) to optimize marketing efforts and enhance customer acquisition and retention rates.

5. Achieving Product-Market Fit (PMF): Recognized the importance of attaining Product-Market Fit (PMF) to ensure that your product resonates with the needs and preferences of your target market.

6. Importance of User Research: Underlined the critical role of user research in gaining deep insights into customer behavior, preferences, and pain points to inform product development and marketing strategies.

7. Significance of Customer Interaction and Insights: Highlighted the value of ongoing customer interaction and feedback loops in refining products, enhancing user experience, and fostering long-term customer relationships.

Here's to the power of collaboration and hustle! πŸ’ΌπŸš€
It was such great fun sharing the panel with Ankita De and Varun Trivedi today talking about my favorite things - marketing, community, and founders.

We talked about user research, validating ideas, product marketing, saas market and more. The crowd was brimming with new ideas and entrepreneurial energy.

Thank you Penchala Tharun πŸš€ for asking such great engaging questions. I had fun!

Thanks Jatin and eChai Ventures for having me.

For everyone that asked to join HSR Founders Club please dm me. And for anyone that wants to use Bugasura - go right ahead and give it a try.
We'll be hosting 'Marketing Strategies for Startups' meetup in Bengaluru today morning at Urban Vault HSR Layout 1515 from 11 am to 1 pm.

πŸŽ™οΈRapti Gupta, Co-Founder & CMO, Bugasura
πŸŽ™οΈAnkita De, Founder & CMO, Utsavβ„’
πŸŽ™οΈVarun Trivedi, Product Marketing, Cashfree Payments and Ex Co-Founder, IconScout

It will be moderated by Penchala Tharun πŸš€, Founder,

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
Back at eChai Ventures tomorrow chatting about marketing at early stage startups. πŸš€

Bang in the middle of COVID - I remember Jatin reaching out for a session on content and I got to join a really rich panel of experts with Sujata and Taniya from Suta, Riddhi from Avenue Ecom and Smita from Delloite, ex Duroflex.

I learned so much from their diverse opinions and experiences.

I’m joining another panel tomorrow with Ankita De and Varun Trivedi to chat about marketing at early stage companies in HSR Layout, 11 AM onwards.

Join us if you’d like to catch up. Im looking forward to learning from this panel as well.

Details ⬇️
Last Friday, I had the pleasure of participating in an engaging panel in Hyderabad organized by eChai Ventures in collaboration with Draper Startup House, where we discussed #MarketingStrategies for #Startups.

It was truly an honour to share insights and experiences with a diverse group of entrepreneurs at various stages of their journey, each with their own innovative ideas.

During the session, I had the opportunity to delve into B2B marketing strategies, while my fellow panellist, Shreyes Manyam from inflooo, expertly addressed B2C queries. The discussion was skillfully moderated by
Lakshman Rupanagunta Lakshman Rupanagunta
, ensuring a fruitful exchange of ideas and experiences among all participants.

I want to express my gratitude for being a part of such enriching sessions where I could share my knowledge and experiences with fellow entrepreneurs. It's always a pleasure to give back to the #community and contribute to the collective growth of startups and aspiring business owners. Thank you Jatin!

Together, as a community, we are stronger, and I look forward to more opportunities to collaborate and learn from each other in the future.
Thank you for the honour to be a #speaker at eChai's marketing event at Urban Vault in Bengaluru to talk about right market strategies for startups, smbs.

Thanks to eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary and my fellow speakers from Simplilearn, Affle, and Tars. T

he room was quite full with close to 50 budding entrepreneurs from various age groups, states of india, and countries..majority being in their 20s to 30s.

The session was for 2 hours but went for 3.5 hours with 1.5 hours for questions and answers. These were the various questions asked:

Here are the list of questions in the meantime for each of us to answer:

1) What do you see are the new paradigm strategies of marketing
2) How has <your company> experienced the shift over the last few years or in 2024 and beyond.
3) What are the changes you have been experiencing and how are you responding to those changes?
4) What is the preferred future you see for entrepreneurs
5) What advice do you have for aspiring entrepreneurs and experienced entrepreneurs
6) What is a non negotiable for you moving forward?
Plus there were around 20 plus questions from 1 to 1 discussion with entrepreneurs during the Q&A session.

Loved it thoroughly that echai is giving the #platform to entrepreneurs to come forward and learn through communities...good to see 4 #womeninbusiness #womenentrepreneurs there.

Many people asked me if I can mentor them or help them with marketing strategies. The answer is yes, of course.

I do #startupconsulting and overall #endtoend #marketing #consulting
for businesses from industries not competing with my current company's industry.

People who expressed interests for follow up sessions, or for mentoring please book as you need it. Sharing the link based on popular requests:
What a fantastic session it was! πŸš€

First off, πŸ™Œ Huge thanks to Aanchal Verma for the incredible LinkedIn post summarizing the event.

πŸ“ Your attention to detail and the key points covered are nothing short of phenomenal.

πŸ‘ It's members like you who make these discussions even more impactful and enjoyable.

πŸ‘₯ Being on the panel with such insightful individuals was truly an honor!

🌐 The perspectives shared were not only eye-opening but also invaluable. As a panelist, I walked away with exceptional insights that will undoubtedly shape the way our team approaches working with the government.

🀝 Kudos to Sachin Bhavsar of Goa Myles and my fellow panelist Dhruv Chopra for inspiring this positive change towards government!

πŸ˜„Hats off to Angana Chatterjee for bringing the perfect blend of humor and insight to our discussion! 🀣

πŸ™ Gratitude overflowing for eChai Ventures that provided an amazing platform to connect and collaborate! 🌐✨

✨Lastly, a huge shoutout to my biggest cheerleader Kanhai Porecha!
Here's to the one who believes in me even when I doubt myself. πŸ₯‚

πŸ’‘ I hope my contributions added value to the discussion, and it's heartening to witness connections being forged over this social platform.

🀝 Let's keep the conversation going! πŸ—£οΈ

πŸ” Looking forward to staying connected with all of you.

🌐 Feel free to reach out via LinkedIn DM if you have any questions, thoughts, or just want to continue the conversation. πŸ“¬

πŸš€ Here's to more insightful discussions, valuable connections, and positive transformations! 🌟 Let's make a difference together!
One image, answering many questions πŸ™‚

1. Because mein aap karte kya ho?

2. What does a day at Because look like?

3. What does outsourced CMO look like?
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