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At the upcoming meet up, we will dive deep into topics like

-creating products from scratch,
-deciding on an MVP, and
- scaling products

in both startup and corporate environments. (Yes,It’s very different operationally)

Thank you eChai Ventures and Jatin Chaudhary for hosting! 
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Hosting an exciting panel - Prakhar Doshi and Gunjan Maheshwari - at the eChai Ventures event on Product Growth today in Bengaluru.

Sign up if you're around and interested to join in. Registration is free, but coming with questions and hunger to learn is mandatory! 🙂

Here's the link to register:
Exclusive Product Growth Meetup at Draper Startup House in Bengaluru hosted by eChai Ventures🌟.

Thrilled to share that I had the incredible opportunity to participate as a panelist at the meetup delving into the dynamic world of Product Management!

It was a pleasure to join fellow industry experts Sanjeet Kathuria, Harneet Kaur Chhabra and Sanket Bhatt in a riveting discussion on key practices and strategies shaping the field. The turnout was nothing short of amazing with 50+ product and growth folks and even founders showing up for an engaging evening!

Key Highlights from the discussion:

🎯 Being an advocate for customer empathy is fundamental for translating business needs into actionable insights to drive product growth.
🎯 GTM and product development should go hand in hand with a key focus on adopting early design partners and finding distribution channels that work for your startup.
🎯 Experimentation with product features, pricing and positioning can help unfold unforeseen avenues leading to higher customer engagement and business expansion

📖 Book recommendation: Hooked by Nir Eyal

🙌 Huge shoutout to the organizers and host Jatin Chaudhary and Darshan Suthar for extending the invitation and for orchestrating such a successful event for the community.
I'm incredibly excited to announce the AICamp!  (

Special Thanks to
Mehul Fanawala Mehul Fanawala
Dhaval Nagar - Founder, AppGambit Dhaval Nagar
  for being early adopters and helping us in shaping the platform 🙏

AICamp allows your entire team to work together in a shared and collaborative workspace, utilizing all premium AI models(GPT3/4, Claude and many other ). Empower your entire organization with role-based access and detailed AI usage analytics.

Key features:

* Multiple LLMs in Single Interface
* Bring your own API key for any LLMs (Pay as you go!)
* Unlimited Chat History
* Share Chat/Prompt with Team Members
* Single API for entire organization / Easy to manage and light on pocket!

Currently it's for individual use and team version will be release on 10th feb.

Where I am seeking help:

* Feedback and improvement idea from folks who use AI in their day to day life.
* Any team specific feature that you might think to must have.

Where I can help you:

* Building products
* Opensource growth

PS: please connect your paid openAI keys to see how it works (

🚀 Exciting News! 🚀

After pouring heart and soul into this, I'm thrilled to share Asnap, my latest venture in the world of #MicroSaaS

Much like Thanos' iconic finger snap transformed the Marvel universe, Asnap is poised to shake up how Saas companies approach support documentation.

Why take on this challenge? 👀

Having personally felt the pains of manual content creation and relying on outdated tools in past roles, I knew there had to be a better way🤔

Existing tools like Scribe & Tango missed the mark, not tailored for SaaS companies.

Spotting this gap in the market, I decided to take the reins 😇

Leveraging my experience launching Clipboard Archive, I set out to create a solution for those, like me, seeking efficiency in crafting product guides🚀

To ensure Asnap met real user needs, I engaged with over 50 Technical Content Writers, Product Managers, and Marketers, digging deep into their pain points. 

This wasn't just about building a product; it was about crafting a comprehensive solution 🤩

Excitingly, Asnap is now available in Alpha, ready to be put through its paces by real customers for testing and feedback.
If you've ever grappled with creating guides in a market where existing solutions fall short, Asnap is here to bridge the gap. 

Let me show you how Asnap can transform your approach to support documentation. 🚀
eChai Startup Demo Days are held every last Saturday of the month across cities.

It is a platform for promising startups from the community to present their ventures, get early feedback and engage with investors, enablers & the community.

More info at eChai.Ventures/DemoDay

Monthly celebration of startups and entrepreneurial spirit. Startup Showcase. Panel with founders and Investors. Networking.
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network through an annual subscription.

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