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I am absolutely thrilled to share about my enriching experience today at a founders' meet! I had the privilege of connecting with an extraordinary entrepreneur Stuti Ashok Gupta who not only made it onto Shark Tank (Season 2) but also shared profound insights into the world of business.

During our conversation, I learned so much, but two key takeaways stood out for me:
Focus on Customer Needs: The Shark Tank star emphasised the importance of deeply understanding customer needs and tailoring your product or service to meet those needs effectively. This customer-centric approach resonated deeply with me as I believe it's the cornerstone of sustainable business growth.

Persistence and Resilience: Hearing about the challenges faced and overcome on the journey to success was incredibly inspiring. It reinforced the vital role of persistence and resilience in entrepreneurship. The ability to persevere through setbacks and keep moving forward is truly what sets successful entrepreneurs apart. Wishing Amrutam Ayurveda good luck! Thanks to eChai Ventures and Netcore Cloud for conducting a wonderful event, it was really insightful and looking forward to more such events.

Feeling incredibly motivated and energised after today's discussion! Who else here is passionate about their journey and building something impactful from the ground up? Let's connect and inspire each other! Subhajit Mukherjee Yash Kashyap
Amazing catchup with some Amazing *Sharktank* D2C founders in Bengaluru !

Mayank B Nagori ( Good Gum) & Sumit Rastogi (Artinci)

eChai Ventures 🙌
Meet the Founders who made it to Shark Tank! 💼 🌊

An initiative by Netcore for Startups to enable budding founders to get a sneak peek at how they transformed their pitches into success while navigating the entrepreneurial landscape

🎙 Featured Speakers:
🔹 Stuti Ashok Gupta, the visionary behind Amrutam
🔹 Mayank B Nagori, championing sustainability with Gud Gum | Plastic-free chewing gum
🔹 Sumit Rastogi, the creative genius driving Artinci’s journey

📅 Save the date: 19th April, Friday
🕧 Time: 6:30 PM IST
📍 Venue: Netcore Cloud, Bengaluru

This event, co-hosted by Netcore Cloud, eChai Ventures, and Headstart Network Foundation, promises an evening of genuine connections, actionable insights, and perhaps a few jaw-dropping untold stories!

Secure your spot now. RSVP here:

Every #sharktank featured event I go to, they put us on a pedestal.

Last meeting organised by eChai Ventures for young and aspiring entrepreneurs, the first thing I did was change those high seats to seats the same as the others.

It relaxed the whole group and they felt inclusive immediately, of course, Ravi Mathur and Agnim Gupta were also game and three of us immediately became one with the group.

Three of us shared our journeys, visions, wins and most importantly our failures. It is absolutely crucial to understand that our success is only after a series of failures.And, we still have a long way to go.

So walk, fall, get up, relearn and this time RUN. It was such a successful moment when the listeners at the end came up to us and said that they felt we were as normal as them and if we could, so could they.

But, here’s a little secret. I too look up to some legendary entrepreneurs and it feels like they are different, but this was a sweet reminder that we can be whoever we want to be if we put in all our efforts.

So who do you want to be like? Do share your hero with me.
Last Saturday, I had the privilege of attending a panel discussion alongside my collegue Sai Trivikram Chintakunta, hosted by eChai Ventures at Draper Startup House. The event, titled "Founders who have made it to Shark Tank India: Hyderabad edition", featured founders of direct-to-consumer (D2C) brands and offered profound insights into the nuances of running a startup.

Here are the key takeaways from the discussion, which revolved around the 4Ps of marketing, though not explicitly mentioned.

Product: To ensure long term success and sustainability of D2C brands, innovation is key. With Gen Alpha emerging as a significant customer base, staying ahead with novel products is crucial.

Price: Pricing strategy plays a pivotal role in profitability. It is advisable to aim at least a 5x markup on the cost of production. If your products are priced at a 3x or 2x markup, it may be time to revisit your pricing strategy to ensure sustainability.

Place: For D2C startups, an offline presence is very advantageous. It significantly reduce customer acquisition costs and facilitates quick feedback integration for new product pilots.

Promotion: Budgeting for marketing is crucial as the promotional cost varies between 25% to 60% of the revenue depending on the product. While getting viral on social media is rare, identifying the most effective promotional channels is key to driving customer acquisition.

Special thanks to Ravi Kabra, Harshvardhan Khemani, and Suraj Pusarla for sharing invaluable insights during the discussion.
Insurance Samadhan is India's most trusted platform for the resolution of Insurance Complaints. 

I met my co-founder, Deepak Bhuvneshwari Uniyal, in the year 2019. They had been working on this idea for more than a year and after testing waters and solving a few cases operationally they were looking for someone who could build the technology for this. After meeting more than 35 candidates from the network and job portals, they got my reference through a common connection. 

I had failed in my first start-up but once an entrepreneur always remain an entrepreneur. The conversation happened and we sort of clicked and the rest is history.
The discussion was very simple. My CEO just explained to me the concept and what they were looking for from the candidate. The idea looked challenging and I just bought into it. 

As my role (CTO) was the only one for which they were looking for an individual so it was pretty clear from day one.
At Ahmedabad University's eChai meetup, hosted by the university's incubation center, I had the privilege of engaging with a panel of entrepreneurs who had appeared on Shark Tank India.

They candidly shared insights into their experiences on the show, revealing the realities behind the scenes, the impact of the exposure, and the invaluable feedback they received from the sharks. Additionally, they delved into their ongoing challenges and future plans for their ventures.

Their narratives of resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles were truly captivating.

The distinguished panelists included Raj Shah Co-Founder of WeHear; Payal Pathak and Soham Payal Pathak Co-Founders of The Simply Salad; Nayan Shah Co-Founder of Maisha Lifestyle; and @illesh sharma Founder of Same Notification.

Here are few notable takeaways from the discussion:

  • Establishing quality control in franchise models poses significant challenges in the Indian market.

  • Providing personalized attention during the startup phase nurtures enduring customer loyalty.

  • A distinct and recognizable brand identity is paramount for customer recall and loyalty.

  • Startups with high cash burn rates face heightened scrutiny in today's business landscape.

  • Crafting relatable content on platforms like Instagram enhances brand appeal and desirability.

  • Exceeding customer expectations is pivotal for young startups to foster loyalty and growth.

  • Transparency and authentic storytelling serve as cornerstones for building trust with both customers and partners.

  • Early recruitment of talented individuals drives both organizational growth and employee commitment.

  • Cultivating a robust professional network is essential, even if immediate benefits may not be apparent.

  • Maintaining humility and perseverance proves instrumental during challenging phases of business.

I extend my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in these enriching events and to connect with these inspiring entrepreneurs.

Special acknowledgment goes to Jatin Chaudhary from eChai Ventures for orchestrating such impactful conferences that unite our startup community.
#Shark𝐓𝐀𝐍𝐊 𝐈𝐧𝐝𝐢𝐚

> 1 million Applications Received across India 🇮🇳
> Only 1 Lakh Shortlisted
> Only 800 Startups selected for Personal Interview
> Only 200 pitches are selected to 'Present in front of Sharks' for Shoot at Film City.

Recently I got an opportunity to meet Pitchers at Shark Tank India at eChai meetup.

It was truly enlightening and inspiring, offering valuable insights and perspectives that will undoubtedly benefit me both personally and professionally.

> Chetan Kanani - A Visionary Businessman
> Adil Qadri - Great gunda of his Niche
> Mohit Gadhiya - Calm and Visionary Entrepreneur
> Anand Nahar & Amrit Nahar - Concrete combo of Fun and Finance and Food
> @𝐑𝐚𝐣 bhai 𝐭𝐚𝐭𝐡𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐮𝐥𝐢𝐯𝐞 - Senior most one and Authentic person

𝐓𝐨𝐩 5 𝐋𝐞𝐚𝐫𝐧𝐢𝐧𝐠𝐬 𝐟𝐫𝐨𝐦 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐌𝐞𝐞𝐭 𝐮𝐩

1️⃣ Focus on expertise, not just interface
2️⃣ Mind set is everything so be a part of Community and attend the Training Sessions of your niche
3️⃣ Entrepreneurs have vision not only Growth Plans
4️⃣ Don't be good, Be great at Business Finance Numbers
5️⃣ Be authentic all the time

Kudos to eChai Ventures for arranging this meeting and Manoj Adwani for hosting this event.
Though I'm not much of a television serial enthusiast, I do consider myself a #series kind of person. I've been captivated by "Shark Tank India" and am keen on exploring the US and UK versions soon. My interest in business and wanting to know more about new startup , ideas and founders led me to attend eChai Ventures meetings. 🌍 Yesterday, I attended eChai Ventures at Ahmedabad University.

There's a saying, "Seeing on TV is one thing, but experiencing it live is something entirely different." The difference between a reel and real life is truly fascinating! 🎥✨ #reelvsreal

I wanted to grow as much as possible and empower as many people as I could. The mantra was, "I don't just want a job for myself; I want to create jobs for many." - #onmyway #startofmyjourney 🚀

Founders who have made it to Shark Tank India, like Payal Pathak and Soham Payal Pathak of The Simply Salad, shared their journey at an e-chai panel discussion. 🥗 "Simply Salad" saw growth from 3k to 9k followers post-Shark Tank and currently boasts 53,000 followers. Inspired by diet and healthy food, the founders believe in the power of authenticity and storytelling. They thought expanding to more cities before appearing on Shark Tank would have been advantageous. 🌱 #healthylife #healthyfood #inspringjourney

In discussions about family support, the consensus is that, while we hope for it, it's often not forthcoming. It's usually a few close people who support you at the start. Social media presence and marketing are key.

Raj Shah from WeHear pointed out that a Shark Tank episode, which lasts 20 minutes on TV, may actually go on for 1.5–2 hours. The foundation of a company lies in its people. #pepole #team #investinpeople

"Why take a flight when you can travel in third economy?" This question underscores the importance of value creation and staying grounded.#staygrounded

This resonates with my personal belief that I don't need expensive gadgets for the sake of it. My journey from coveting an iPhone in school to now prioritizing investment in dreams, vision, and people reflects this ideology. 📱➡️🌟

Nayan Shah co-founder of Maisha Lifestyle, also shared their insights. Failures are seen as learning opportunities. The vision of a firm, like Maisha's aim of providing one bag to every woman, is critical for success. 🎒#vision #goal #learninganddevelopment Esha Shah

Ileshkumar Sharma, founder of Same Notification, shared insights on public perception, there's wisdom in focusing on constructive criticism and ignoring trolls with simple answers. Engaging too much with negative comments offers little benefit. 🛡️💬 #focus #crticism

If you've attended events, what inspired you, or what is your vision for business and startups? Let's discuss for mutual growth. 💡🤝

Thanks to Jatin Chaudhary eChai Ventures VentureStudio for arranging such a great event!!
Similar to our Surat event today, we'll be hosting an exciting in-person eChai meetup this evening with VentureStudio at Ahmedabad University, featuring founders from Ahmedabad who were showcased on Shark Tank India.

Free registration @
Here is your chance to meet the Surat Founders who appeared in "Shark Tank Season 3" 🦈 at next eChai meetup in Surat.

📅 When : 16 Feb (Fri) - 6pm
📍 Where : Logicwind Terrace, Piplod, Surat

👉 Free Registration :

P.S. : Alpino Health Foods is from Season 1. They are more than a Guest, they are co-host ❤️

eChai Ventures | Jatin Chaudhary 
10 days of Shark Tank India Season 3, Episode 6 and that is how it changed my life!

-First of all, with the love and support of India, our sales have increased! We can see 3x-3.5x additional sales on marketplaces and on our website.

-Getting great organic reach and awareness of our brand, that is helping is to minimise our marketing cost. It is now much lower than 54% as stated by us in the episode & we are really happy about it.

-100s of proposals for business development and marketing services received. We are discussing future collaborations and distributions. Crossing our fingers!!

-Opened our doors for international market. Got call from Sell on Amazon International team as well. As we are having required documentation to go overseas, and soon we will be available in US market.

-Being approached by many events, colleges and talks. Such offline branding will surely help us to move forward. Can't thank enough everyone for providing bringing in such opportunities!

-We can see the enthusiastic and tirelessly working team to fulfil the demand. Feeling loved and cared by our small yet efficient team. Kudos to team Nabhi Sutra.

-The way I keep replying emails and messages, by working online for extra hours, switched from Nabhi Sutra healthy hair belly button oil to Eye care belly button oil to protect my eyes from dryness :) Well, such routines cannot be avoided at any stage of life. :) :)

The most important and my favourite, going for sleep every night with a big smile on face. Yes, success looks somewhat like this to me.

With lots of love!!
Swati Vakharia

🚀 Recently, I had the opportunity to join an insightful panel alongside some incredible minds - Vandana Jain from Evident Capital, Priyank Jain, Co-founder of Soup-X, and the insightful moderator, Riten (Fueler).

Initially, I had my reservations, but thanks to Jatin Chaudhary's generosity in extending multiple invites, I decided to dive in. Grateful that I could overcome my inhibitions.

I questioned whether I could bring anything new to the table, considering my previous engagements on similar topics. It felt like everything I could share was already out there, accessible as playbooks or online courses. And as for my own and my brand's journey, well, it's right there on the internet for anyone to read.

But here's what this experience taught me:

1. Sometimes, we underestimate the value of our unique insights and journeys. We might think we've shared enough knowledge already, but there's always a fresh perspective or a new angle to offer. Your experiences are your own, and they can resonate with others on their own entrepreneurial journey.

2. The D2C space in India has indeed seen its fair share of repetition, especially in the post-COVID world. It's easy to fall into the same patterns and practices, but true pioneers stand out through innovation. Let's challenge the status quo and explore ways to set ourselves apart, beyond just products and sales channels.

Speaking at Draper Startup House and eChai Ventures event(s) is always a joy, and this time, it reminded me of the unique energy in Bangalore's startup ecosystem. It's an energy unlike any other, with an audience whose enthusiasm and thirst for knowledge were truly palpable.

And as we navigate the D2C landscape in India, let's remember that innovation, sustainable growth and authenticity are our guiding lights. While fundraising remains crucial, our focus should remain on building robust foundations, delivering exceptional customer experiences, and nurturing our long-term vision.

Here's to more enriching conversations and pushing the boundaries of D2C in Bharat! 🚀🇮🇳
This laughter defines the fun time we had at the Tank!

Everyone asked us about our journey at Shark Tank India Season 3. We were the fortunate few who received an opportunity to be a part of the sought-after television show which has stolen people’s heart since 3 seasons. Wait for it. We will be sharing our journey of the Tank Time with you all.

Meanwhile, Have a happy steaming, episode 6, Shark Tank India Season 3 @sonyliv.
eChai with Founders from the community who have made it to Shark Tank India.


Ananya Maloo - Co-Founder, Nuutjob Ananya Maloo
, Co-Founder, Nuutjob
Shani Pandya - Founder & CEO, Imagine Powertree Shani Pandya
, Co-Founder, Imagine Powertree
Payal Pathak - Co-Founder, The Simply Salad Payal Pathak
Soham Payal Pathak - Co-Founder, The Simply Salad Soham Payal Pathak
, Co-Founders, The Simply Salad
Jignesh Vasavada - Founder, Jignesh Vasavada
, Co-Founder,
Jainam Mehta - Founder, UrbanNaps Jainam Mehta
, Co-Founder, UrbanNaps

I had moderated this meetup.


Had a fab time sharing my Shark Tank India journey at this wonderful eChai Ventures evening!

It always gives me immense joy to be able to share my learnings and lessons from building Amrutam with budding entrepreneurs and start-up enthusiasts.

I also feel grateful to be given a platform to talk about crucial topics that are not spoken enough about, like mental health and female representation in business.

Learned a lot from my fellow Shark Tank founders Dhruv Soni Arun Agarwal Priyank Jain and Saif Shaikh :)
It’s time for Ayurveda to take centre stage on Shark Tank India! 🌱💯

Tune into Sony LIV tonight to catch us pitch #NabhiSutra’s idea of healing India organically to the Sharks! 😍🔥

Stream new episodes of Shark Tank India Season 3, from Mon-Fri 10 PM, on Sony LIV.
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