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It was great fun moderating the panel discussion on 'Blockchain for Banking & Fintech' meetup in Mumbai for eChai Ventures (Jatin Chaudhary) in association with DevX.

Rohan Sharan (Timechain Labs) & Mahesh Jadhav (One UPI) have
👉 Elucidated nuances around Web3.
👉 Use cases that would gain traction in the BFSI space.
👉 Ways inwhich regulated entities can foster adoption of blockchain tech.
👉 Stance of govt on the regulations around blockchain & crypto.
👉 How CBDC can bring the impetus required to Web3 in India.
👉 Hardware and Software requirements for Web3 applications to function at scale.
👉 What theoretical concepts in Web3 as on date can transcend into reality over the next few years.

Neucron Big Blockers Community
We are collaborating with Timechain Labs & DevX to host 'Blockchain for Banking and Fintech Meetup' in Mumbai today morning (2nd March, Sat) at DevX Andheri East from 11 am to 1 pm.

🎙️Rohan Sharan, Founder, Timechain Labs
🎙️Mahesh Jadhav, Founder, One UPI

It will be moderated by Bharadwaj Kanamarlapudi.

Free registration at eChai.Ventures
We are coming to Delhi this Saturday, 17th February, 2024

We have fab lineup of speakers joining to highlight THE FUTURE OF PUBLIC SERVICES: IMPLEMENTING BLOCKCHAIN IN INDIA.

RSVP: https://lu.ma/nzud9v7j

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