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I believe Valentine's Day holds special significance for every individual, as it's a day dedicated to love and spreading affection. Everyone assigns different values to Valentine's Day. Here's why it's meaningful to me: I found my calling on February 14th, 2022.

It was the day when I took the first step toward Hummingbird. I had been associated with Cadila, and on that day, I resigned from the company. After resigning, as I made my way home, I passed numerous flower shops and realized that after making that decision, it was fitting to treat myself to a bouquet on Valentine's Day. I love roses like crazy, so I asked the cab driver to wait for five minutes while I gifted myself a bouquet :D

Journey from the office to my flat was very difficult and I was feeling “ Aaj ghar kyun nahi aa raha hai” . I questioned myself, wondering if I had made the right decision or not but Abhi to decision le liya tha. I was feeling quite emotional that day as I went to meet everyone. Some of my colleagues seriously started crying and were saying, 'What is this nonsense? Why are you making such a stupid decision but boss samjh to aaya us din ki insaan to apan ache hai Harsha Bhurani :D

I decided to spend quality time with myself when I reached home. The first person I called was Sumita Sharma and I shared the entire scenario with her. It was challenging for her to accept, as she, along with my colleagues, knew I was expecting a significant appraisal after months of hard work. However, she supported me nonetheless.

That day was simply amazing, still, I can recall spending a peaceful evening, enjoying the sunset with a cup of tea, and dinner at my favorite Pav Bhaji place near IIM, Vastrapur.
Eventually, till that time, I gathered the courage to inform my parents about this news. My father was initially shocked but he asked if I was okay, which meant the world to me. I reassured him, saying I was celebrating my day with Pav Bhaji. And then, I concluded my day with a brownie, and you can see the sheer joy reflected in this picture:D

After a brainstorming session with myself, writing three different Harsha on sticky notes and pasted them on my wall. I decided to go with 'Harsha Pro', who wanted to start her own business.

Feeling unsure of my next steps, I called Jatin Chaudhary for guidance and asked if I could meet him, and he suggested meeting half an hour before eChai event at IIM later that evening. I was extremely excited to meet him because I never thought that day would come that soon. So when I met Jatin I said , “Abhi resign to daal diya hai immediate basis par, entrepreneur hi banna hai but pata nahi iske baad kya karna hota hai?

He explained various aspects of HR, training, and development, providing valuable insights and references.

And so began my rollercoaster journey with Hummingbird, which continues to this day. It's been a journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and failures, and I'm ready to build HummingBird whatever it takes.
Suta is a mindful, artisan-led brand that is best known for reintroducing sarees as everyday wear and for reviving several heirloom indigenous crafts.

Taniya Biswas - Co-Founder, Suta Taniya Biswas
and I are sisters – we met when she was born (since she is younger to me)! But the decision to become co-founders was made roughly a decade ago. We toyed with a few ideas before finally founding Suta in 2016.

Before co-founding Suta, Taniya (Ta) and I were both passionate about creating a venture of our own, which would serve the greater good. We both let go of lucrative corporate jobs, driven by this vision and our passion for meaningful change. Suta was born of our own nostalgic love for cotton sarees – those worn by the womenfolk in our homes. 

We wanted to bring back sarees into the mainstream as versatile garments for everyday wear, instead of being relegated to pujas and festivities alone. That’s how Suta came to be. 

Today, we’re focused on reviving heirloom Indian crafts through our products and finding them audiences across India and even internationally. Our motto is to ensure that the weavers and artisans we work with (17,000+) have a regular source of income, the means and motivation to pursue their crafts, and do not have to migrate from their ancestral homes to larger cities in search of work.

As co-founders, we follow a very fluid process and both of us jointly undertake our responsibilities. We believe that we work best when we work together, and that our two minds are better than either by itself. That said, I am better with more analytical processes and decisions, while Ta is a creative minefield. 
Menstrupedia, is the world's most innovative company in period and puberty education.

TruBuddy comic books are our latest series of Self-Development Comics for kids, it teaches life-changing lessons through fun and engaging stories.

I met my co-founder, Tuhin in 2008 at The National Institute of Design. At NID we teamed up for projects, eventually falling in love, our relationship sparked a realisation to Tuhin about the lack of menstrual education and the stigma surrounding it. My personal experiences and Tuhin's newfound understanding inspired us to address this gap. Leveraging our skills in communication and user experience design, we sought to provide trustworthy and accessible information on menstruation, recognizing its potential impact not only in India but also in other countries facing similar challenges.

In India, every year 1.2 core girls reach puberty. Since periods are a taboo, 85% of these girls would follow one or more restrictive customs.

1 in every 4 girls start to miss out on her school as she starts getting her periods . When a girl misses out on her education, she goes through systematic gender discrimination throughout her life. 

Also in schools, the chapter on periods comes much after the girls have started getting their periods. And in most of the cases teachers skip the topic. As they don’t know how to go about teaching about periods and puberty to their students,

Periods are a taboo in India. Tuhin and I saw it more like a communication design problem.

Menstrupedia Comics are now available in 17 languages and are being used by more than 25,500 schools as a part of their curriculum across India. Apart from India, the books are locally printed and published in 11 countries in their local language.

Tuhin and I are fundamentally different people with distinct skill sets, but when we work together, something magical happens. It's like we're yin and yang, complementing each other perfectly. Tuhin excels in product development, being very diligent in his approach. On the other hand, I bring strong research and people skills to the table. This is how we define our roles: Tuhin takes charge of all decisions related to product development and content creation, while I handle decisions regarding marketing and sales strategies for the book.
Be the change you want to see!

Growing SOQO w little to nothing in a tier 2 city with a fledging startup ecosystem looked like the most impossible task, no one to look around, no one to aspire, no motivation and no empathy.

But that’s the thing, night is the darkest before sunrise. What you are seeking is seeking you, or do we say hungry hardworking entrepreneurs of Bhopal coming together for eChai Ventures Breakfast Social regularly every two weeks to be friends. No questions, no demands. Only good food, small groups and candid conversations.

My fav part of breakfast is morning energy of entrepreneurs, fresh and because we’re all in same boat hence without boundaries.

We talk. We talk about failure, getting into cycle of work after long break, mental health, hiring, lived experiences etc.

Good to just know, we’re all in same boat.

Wise words of Prerna Taneja today at the table “take it one day at a time”. And today was that one day we all met for nothing but meeting. :)

In frame

Sneh Nigam
Founder Mindcafe India

Meenal Rai Shejwar
Founder Amado

Vaibhav Kapoor
Director, RGIM Business School

Arihant Arya
Director, Glafix

HitartH Shrivastava
Founder, Bazarville
Co-Founder, F for Fries

Aman Talreja
Co-Founder, Seesaw

Kanika Gupta
Co-Founder, Seesaw

Amrita Bhama
Founder, Summer Stich

Prerna Taneja
Founder, The Zappy Box

and ofc me my and I haha, Founder SOQO

To many more breakfasts together!
We are elated to share that, we will be exhibiting RoyalPOS at Food & AgriTech Expo 2024, organised by The Southern Gujarat Chamber Of Commerce And Industry - SGCCI.

🗓️ 10-12th Feb 2024

📍 Surat International Exhibition and Convention Centre, Sarsana, Surat, Gujarat

📞 +91 8780228978 
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Leading Legal Tech company enabling startups & MSMEs to #StartProtectManage business through online CA, CS & legal services.
Ahmedabad 100, LegalTech
CoKarma is a coworking space and a community of entrepreneurs, creatives and businesses in Hyderabad.
Coworking Spaces
We design and make the most exciting and functional bags.
The Headquarters
The Headquarters is a flexible office space provider who renders services in fully furnished offices, Managed offices and co-working offices. They have presence in 15 buildings with a portfolio of 3,75,000 Sft in Hyderabad.
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Full stack Branding and Marketing agency. Helping businesses turn into brands.
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Zepul has developed an AI enabled Talent Acquisition marketplace to help companies find the right candidates and vice versa by engaging community recruiters on demand.
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Bootstart is a coworking space with presence in Pune, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Goa.
Coworking Spaces
Helping you Hire, Retain & Manage Talent across India, USA, UK, Canada & Australia.
MICAverse : The Metaverse Lab
Hearty Mart
Hearty Mart brings the 21st century retail format to the rural and semi urban market.
Ahmedabad 100, Food
ZenDevX is a NoCode development platform to develop enterprise-grade web applications, back-office admin panels, and REST-API for mobile apps.
Development Tools, SaaS Startups
Candour Legal
Candour legal is India's top-rated law firm providing all legal services under one roof.
Legal Services
STIR Advisors
Driving business growth with strategic M&A, business consultancy, and advanced financial models
Draper Startup House
Enabling Startup Communities through living and working spaces!
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Collaborative workspaces that ignites innovation and a Venture Fund also.
Ahmedabad 100, Coworking Spaces, Fundraising, Investment Partners
An all-in-one investment banking solution for India
Redicine Medsol
Creating a device to improve medical adherence for cardiac & cancer patients
ES Healthcare Centre
Gujarat's first premium healthcare centre, Your one stop solution for all medical essentials.
Timechain Labs
Timechain labs is a global professional blockchain development services company with leading capabilities in blockchain solutions.
Creatosaurus simplifies the workflow of creators & teams with an all-in-one creator stack to tell stories at scale.
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Growth Iris
A digital agency built to help SaaS companies find their GTM and generate leads willing to buy subscriptions.
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Discover Events Happening in Your City
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The only outreaching tool you will need to generate leads on autopilot.
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Pro Zero Carbon
Helping companies reach net zero through their comprehensive software and data backed sustainability solutions.
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Empowering Indian Businesses with Easy and Powerful ERP + CRM Software to Increase Sales and Optimize Operations.
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eChai Business Partner Program helps businesses and organisations get visibility and engagement within the eChai network.

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