Nivin Joseph - Head of Community & Partnerships, Draper Startup House

Nivin Joseph

Head of Community & Partnerships, Draper Startup House

More about Nivin Joseph

Operations and community manager at Draper Startup House, India

At Draper Startup House, I've spun my magic as an Operations and Community Manager, honing the art of entrepreneurial alchemy for over five years. From conjuring up operational efficiency to nurturing a community of startup wizards, I've been a catalyst for turning business lead into entrepreneurial gold.

In my dual role, I've orchestrated a symphony of startup success. My baton? A finely tuned customer journey map that sings a harmony of understanding customers' needs and pain points. The result? A chorus of customer successes and a crescendo of business growth!

My masterpiece? A thriving, vibrant community of entrepreneurial maestros, all playing the beautiful symphony of industry innovation. Each one passionate, each one ready to change the world note by note.

Now, let's switch the tempo a bit and talk about my personal interests. I'm a certified Bitcoin buff, always ready to discuss the future of this digital gold. I've got a soft spot for this particular cryptocurrency, and don't mind exchanging thoughts on how this golden coin might shape our future.

So, whether it's discussing the potential of Bitcoin, or turning the wheels of business operations, I'm your maestro, orchestrating the extraordinary from the ordinary with a sprinkle of quirky charm.

Exciting News for SaaS Founders! 🚀

I'm thrilled to share that our partner, Upekkha, is now welcoming applications for their UP24 Spring Cohort. This is a golden opportunity for SaaS startups looking to catapult their growth to the next level.

What's on offer?
- A robust 💰 $125K Pre-Seed Fund to kickstart your journey.
- Unparalleled 🌐 strategic guidance and support for global expansion.
- An opportunity to 👥 join a vibrant community of 300+ founders who are reshaping the SaaS landscape globally.

🌟 Why Upekkha? 🌟

Upekkha isn't just about funding. It's about fostering a community where founders can thrive, share, and grow together. With 40 startups funded in 2023 and plans to fund 70 more in 2024, Upekkha is on a mission to nurture the next wave of SaaS success stories. Whether you're dreaming of hitting your first $1M ARR or scaling beyond, Upekkha's track record speaks volumes:

- 165+ profitable and capital-efficient startups.
- 11 startups have soared past $1M ARR, with three exceeding $5M ARR.
- A remarkable 85% of the first 20 startups are cash flow positive and growing month-on-month.

Don't let this chance slip through your fingers! The application deadline is 15th Feb 2024. If you're ready to take your SaaS startup to unprecedented heights, apply now at
Celebrating National Startup Day at DSH Bangalore! On Jan 16th, we joined forces with eChai to ignite inspiration and innovation. Founder Karan and dynamic entrepreneurs shared incredible stories, adding vibrancy to the event. Grateful to all who joined and made it special.
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The preferred eChai Partner Brands program offers businesses increased visibility within the eChai Network through an annual subscription.

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