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In 2020, I hosted a fire side chat with Mukesh Bansal, Co-Founder, Myntra and CureFit about brief history of Myntra, CureFit and his insights from building an iconic indian startup as part of The Red Bricks Summit by IIM Ahmedabad

Mukesh is a technology entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience working with high tech consumer internet companies. After B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur and working across engineering, product management, and leadership roles for four different early-stage tech startups in the Bay Area, he founded Myntra in 2007 which became India's largest online fashion retailer.

Mukesh co-founded in April 2016. Since then, the company has raised a total of $400 million of funding and acquired Cult, 1000Yoga, and Fitness First. Bansal, through, has been instrumental in changing the landscape of India's health and fitness industry.

You can check out the live recording of our conversation below.

At our latest eChai Dinner Social hosted by Shalin Parikh and Leena Parikh from Entigrity at their farmhouse, we gathered a select group of startup founders and operators for an evening of candid conversations and community spirit.


Shalin Parikh - Founder & CEO, Entigrity Shalin Parikh
Leena Parikh - Director - Learning & Development, Entigrity Leena Parikh
Syed Nadeem Jafri - Founder & Chief Mentor, Hearty Mart Syed Nadeem Jafri
(Hearty Mart)
Manasvi Thapar Manasvi Thapar
(Candour Legal)
Rishit Shah - Chief Product & Technology Officer, Kinetiq Rishit Shah
Vishakha Shah - CEO, Venus Logistics Vishakha Shah
(Venus Logistics)
Kumar Manish - Founder, Urban Voices Kumar Manish
(Communicate Karo)
Nikita Lalwani - Founder, Crooze App Nikita Lalwani
(Croooze App)
Kush Prajapati - Co-Founder, Redicine Medsol Kush Prajapati
Prafull Billore - Founder, MBA Chai Wala Prafull Billore
(MBA Chaiwala)
Harsha Bhurani  - Founder, Humming Bird Consulting Harsha Bhurani
(Hummingbird Consulting)
Aalap Sanghvi  - Co-Founder, Immersfy Aalap Sanghvi
Priyanka Sharma (Republic)
Shreya Billore (Askus way)
Jatin Chaudhary - Salesman, eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary
(eChai Ventures)

From the earlier eChai SaaS Social with founder friends from the city at MagentaInsights HQ.

Small Group. Candid Conversations. Startup Folks.

Great to catch up with many new founder friends from Ahmedabad.

Vikas Mundhra & Vikalp Somani (MagentaInsights)
Yash Shah (Clientjoy)
Pankaj Bhimani (58Miles)
Kush Prajapati (Redicine)
Pratik Patel (Flo Mobility)
Himani Kankaria (Missive Digital)
Bhavik Makwana (ZenDevX)
Anuj Dalal (Zestard)
Mitesh Shethwala (Currently)
Harsha Bhurani (Hummingbird Consulting)
Jay Patel (Momentum Ventures)
Koumal Kalantry (Ankk Cares)
Swayam Raval (Admyre Club)
Nishi Jain (Vibes Good)
Niren Panchal (Brittman & Workex)
Foram Popat (HROne)

List of participants at
Notes from Startup Exits and M&A Forum

It’s important for both the companies - the company being acquired and the acquirer - to evaluate not just products, services and financials but also whether there is culture fit between the leadership and the team at large.

⁠Due Diligence can bring to light compliance issues as well some times and it is ok. As long as it does not show gross negligence or mis-representation in data, Due Diligence typically goes through.

Diligence at the time of acquisition and diligence at the time of fund-raising are quite different. At the time of acquisition, it is much more focused on team, technology, GTM channels and financials while diligence at the time of fund raising is mostly legal and financial with some attention to other aspects.

It’s difficult for startups to plan for an exit. The plan should be created to become valuable for customers - everything else typically follows.
Things to keep in mind during fundraising for early stage founders.

There are no permanent ‘No’s. When an investor passed on your deal, ask for permission to keep them updated every quarter and then enrol them into a list to which you send out a quarterly update across your product, team and growth. You never know when interest in your startup might peak.

Fundraising is a full-time activity for 1 founder. Pitch to as many people as you can. Pitch, Ask for feedback, improve, repeat.

At early stages, valuation is more of an art than a science. Ultimately, when you are at the negotiating table - everything falls back to how desperate you are to raise and how convinced they are to invest in you.
eChai with Founders from the community who have made it to Shark Tank India.


Ananya Maloo - Co-Founder, Nuutjob Ananya Maloo
, Co-Founder, Nuutjob
Shani Pandya - Founder & CEO, Imagine Powertree Shani Pandya
, Co-Founder, Imagine Powertree
Payal Pathak - Co-Founder, The Simply Salad Payal Pathak
Soham Payal Pathak - Co-Founder, The Simply Salad Soham Payal Pathak
, Co-Founders, The Simply Salad
Jignesh Vasavada - Founder, Jignesh Vasavada
, Co-Founder,
Jainam Mehta - Founder, UrbanNaps Jainam Mehta
, Co-Founder, UrbanNaps

I had moderated this meetup.

eChai Socials are delightful and fun conversations with founders. 

Lot of learning and fun exchanges.
Amit Panchal - Co-Founder & CEO, Amit Panchal
(Allevents) hosted the founders lunch to welcome Bhopal-based Nemesh Singh (Appointy) who was visiting the city.

Appointy is one of the leading online scheduling software companies in the world, with over 200,000 customers globally.

We were joined by
Shalin Parikh - Founder & CEO, Entigrity Shalin Parikh
(Entigrity) ,
Rishit Shah - Chief Product & Technology Officer, Kinetiq Rishit Shah
Pankaj Bhimani - Founder, 58miles Pankaj Bhimani
Bhavesh Patel - Co-Founder, Bhavesh Patel
Ruchit Patel - Co-Founder & CTO, Ruchit Patel
Kush Prajapati - Co-Founder, Redicine Medsol Kush Prajapati
(Redicine) and Dhruv Patel (SalesHandy). 

We had hosted the first eChai in Bhopal at Appointy Office in 2014. 
eChai Startup social celebrating the vibrancy of entrepreneurship and Co rising together with cool much of folks & founders with a picturesque backdrop. 

1st eChai social of #HappyNewYear2024 🥳

Thanks Shalin Parikh and Leena Parikh of Entigrity for being an amazing host. 

Preferred eChai Business Partners

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