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Being a startup entrepreneur is far from easy, as I've realized from my experience at Biziverse.

You must excel at making the product, managing finances, ensuring compliance, motivating your team, what not. One mistake and you face a disproportionately large punishment.

You cannot even expect support from the society. Some may look at you as a fool despite your multi role excellence everyday, or as an entitled "seth" even as you face nightmares of how to manage your next payroll. To them and to others, you must maintain the facade of "sab theek thaak hai" (everything's great).

This is where I realize the value of these three kinds of people: (1) Co-founders, as they share and lighten the challenges; (2) Investors, as they truly wish you well and help solve the critical challenge of finances, and (3) Startup communities like eChai Ventures, as you gain inspiration and wisdom from fellow entrepreneurs and their similar experiences.

We must realize and appreciate the roles of these three support sources, and even give back and give forward as much as we can! 😊
In 2020, I hosted a fire side chat with Mukesh Bansal, Co-Founder, Myntra and CureFit about brief history of Myntra, CureFit and his insights from building an iconic indian startup as part of The Red Bricks Summit by IIM Ahmedabad. 

Mukesh is a technology entrepreneur with almost two decades of experience working with high tech consumer internet companies. After B.Tech in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur and working across engineering, product management, and leadership roles for four different early-stage tech startups in the Bay Area, he founded Myntra in 2007 which became India's largest online fashion retailer.

Mukesh co-founded Cure.fit in April 2016. Since then, the company has raised a total of $400 million of funding and acquired Cult, 1000Yoga, and Fitness First. Bansal, through Cure.fit, has been instrumental in changing the landscape of India's health and fitness industry.

You can check out the live recording of our conversation below.

At Ahmedabad University's eChai meetup, hosted by the university's incubation center, I had the privilege of engaging with a panel of entrepreneurs who had appeared on Shark Tank India.

They candidly shared insights into their experiences on the show, revealing the realities behind the scenes, the impact of the exposure, and the invaluable feedback they received from the sharks. Additionally, they delved into their ongoing challenges and future plans for their ventures.

Their narratives of resilience and determination in overcoming obstacles were truly captivating.

The distinguished panelists included Raj Shah Co-Founder of WeHear; Payal Pathak and Soham Payal Pathak Co-Founders of The Simply Salad; Nayan Shah Co-Founder of Maisha Lifestyle; and @illesh sharma Founder of Same Notification.

Here are few notable takeaways from the discussion:

  • Establishing quality control in franchise models poses significant challenges in the Indian market.

  • Providing personalized attention during the startup phase nurtures enduring customer loyalty.

  • A distinct and recognizable brand identity is paramount for customer recall and loyalty.

  • Startups with high cash burn rates face heightened scrutiny in today's business landscape.

  • Crafting relatable content on platforms like Instagram enhances brand appeal and desirability.

  • Exceeding customer expectations is pivotal for young startups to foster loyalty and growth.

  • Transparency and authentic storytelling serve as cornerstones for building trust with both customers and partners.

  • Early recruitment of talented individuals drives both organizational growth and employee commitment.

  • Cultivating a robust professional network is essential, even if immediate benefits may not be apparent.

  • Maintaining humility and perseverance proves instrumental during challenging phases of business.

I extend my gratitude for the opportunity to participate in these enriching events and to connect with these inspiring entrepreneurs.

Special acknowledgment goes to Jatin Chaudhary from eChai Ventures for orchestrating such impactful conferences that unite our startup community.
Had an awesome time putting together the eChai Ventures breakfast meet up in pune along with Prabhjyot Singh Mann!🌟

Connecting with the brilliant minds of fellow founders and investors in Pune was an absolute pleasure and discussing with them on startup fund raising. The impact and reach of eChai Ventures left me truly impressed, and I want to extend my heartfelt gratitude to the visionary team—Jatin Chaudhary

Your collaborative efforts made this networking event not just possible but exceptional! 🚀

Thank you for an amazing experience!

eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary Growth Sense Growth91 Sanjay Sarda Prabhjyot Singh Mann Disha Shah Sameer Karandikar Jitesh Devnani Sarthak Sudhir Shubham Sahamate Omkar Jadhav Aryan Hinge Smitesh Gadge Pankhil Baunthiyal Chaitanya Badave Abhishek Bang Rushikesh Khasgiwale Richa Mishra Parth Jadhav
I believe Valentine's Day holds special significance for every individual, as it's a day dedicated to love and spreading affection. Everyone assigns different values to Valentine's Day. Here's why it's meaningful to me: I found my calling on February 14th, 2022.

It was the day when I took the first step toward Hummingbird. I had been associated with Cadila, and on that day, I resigned from the company. After resigning, as I made my way home, I passed numerous flower shops and realized that after making that decision, it was fitting to treat myself to a bouquet on Valentine's Day. I love roses like crazy, so I asked the cab driver to wait for five minutes while I gifted myself a bouquet :D

Journey from the office to my flat was very difficult and I was feeling “ Aaj ghar kyun nahi aa raha hai” . I questioned myself, wondering if I had made the right decision or not but Abhi to decision le liya tha. I was feeling quite emotional that day as I went to meet everyone. Some of my colleagues seriously started crying and were saying, 'What is this nonsense? Why are you making such a stupid decision but boss samjh to aaya us din ki insaan to apan ache hai Harsha Bhurani :D

I decided to spend quality time with myself when I reached home. The first person I called was Sumita Sharma and I shared the entire scenario with her. It was challenging for her to accept, as she, along with my colleagues, knew I was expecting a significant appraisal after months of hard work. However, she supported me nonetheless.

That day was simply amazing, still, I can recall spending a peaceful evening, enjoying the sunset with a cup of tea, and dinner at my favorite Pav Bhaji place near IIM, Vastrapur.
Eventually, till that time, I gathered the courage to inform my parents about this news. My father was initially shocked but he asked if I was okay, which meant the world to me. I reassured him, saying I was celebrating my day with Pav Bhaji. And then, I concluded my day with a brownie, and you can see the sheer joy reflected in this picture:D

After a brainstorming session with myself, writing three different Harsha on sticky notes and pasted them on my wall. I decided to go with 'Harsha Pro', who wanted to start her own business.

Feeling unsure of my next steps, I called Jatin Chaudhary for guidance and asked if I could meet him, and he suggested meeting half an hour before eChai event at IIM later that evening. I was extremely excited to meet him because I never thought that day would come that soon. So when I met Jatin I said , “Abhi resign to daal diya hai immediate basis par, entrepreneur hi banna hai but pata nahi iske baad kya karna hota hai?

He explained various aspects of HR, training, and development, providing valuable insights and references.

And so began my rollercoaster journey with Hummingbird, which continues to this day. It's been a journey filled with challenges, triumphs, and failures, and I'm ready to build HummingBird whatever it takes.
eChai Ventures New York will be hosting the small gathering of founders and startups folks on 16th February, Friday from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm EST.

Typically Founders, Startup Enthusiasts, folks from VC firms and corporate folks interested in exploring startup ecosystem attend these eChai Startup Meetups.

eChai Startup Socials are volunteer driven small gatherings with founders and startup folks happening all over the world.

These meetups are free to attend and open for all.

It will be on pay-for-what-you-order basis.

Details about eChai Startup Meetup in New York:

Format: Small Group. Candid Conversations. Startup Folks.

Date & Time: 16th February, January. 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm EST.

Venue: Mr. Purple, 180 Orchard St 15th floor, New York, NY 10002, United States

At our latest eChai Dinner Social hosted by Shalin Parikh and Leena Parikh from Entigrity at their farmhouse, we gathered a select group of startup founders and operators for an evening of candid conversations and community spirit.


Shalin Parikh - Founder & CEO, Entigrity Shalin Parikh
Leena Parikh - Director - Learning & Development, Entigrity Leena Parikh
Syed Nadeem Jafri - Founder & Chief Mentor, Hearty Mart Syed Nadeem Jafri
(Hearty Mart)
Manasvi Thapar Manasvi Thapar
(Candour Legal)
Rishit Shah - Chief Product & Technology Officer, Kinetiq Rishit Shah
Vishakha Shah - CEO, Venus Logistics Vishakha Shah
(Venus Logistics)
Kumar Manish - Founder, Urban Voices Kumar Manish
(Communicate Karo)
Nikita Lalwani - Founder, Crooze App Nikita Lalwani
(Croooze App)
Kush Prajapati - Co-Founder, Redicine Medsol Kush Prajapati
Prafull Billore - Founder, MBA Chai Wala Prafull Billore
(MBA Chaiwala)
Harsha Bhurani  - Founder, Humming Bird Consulting Harsha Bhurani
(Hummingbird Consulting)
Aalap Sanghvi  - Co-Founder, Immersfy Aalap Sanghvi
Priyanka Sharma (Republic)
Shreya Billore (Askus way)
Jatin Chaudhary - Salesman, eChai Ventures Jatin Chaudhary
(eChai Ventures)

Yesterday, I had the privilege of attending an exhilarating session at the eChai's Startup Growth Networking Meetup, hosted by the dynamic Jatin Chaudhary at the prestigious IIMA Ventures, Ahmedabad.

Our panelists, each a trailblazer in their domain, shared their unique journeys and invaluable insights:

Zaiba Sarang from iThink Logistics is revolutionizing the logistics sector by significantly reducing product return ratios - a game-changer for brands.

Aditya Shah from Because demonstrated how they're helping brands carve their unique voice in a crowded market.

Vishakha Shah from Venus Logistics shared her experiences in the distinct US logistics market, creating substantial waves in the industry.

Sushil Agrawal's initiative, Saarthi Pedagogy, is impacting over 10 lakh students across India, revolutionizing the educational landscape.

The energy was palpable as young entrepreneurs eagerly engaged with the panelists, seeking wisdom on multitasking and effective management as founders.

Ziaba's anecdotes about customer feedback enhancing their product, Sushil's insights on fundraising, Aditya's take on cultivating a growth-oriented work culture, and Vishakha's candid sharing of the challenges faced by female entrepreneurs, added layers of depth to the discussion.

Kudos to Jatin Chaudhary for his relentless efforts and consistency in creating this one-of-a-kind platform that not only connects but inspires and empowers the startup community.
Had an amazing time at eChai yesterday and came back with some gems that I just have to share. This place really shows that the more you share, the more you get back.

Here's what stuck with me:

1. *Go with Your Gut Feeling*:

Bhavesh Patel - Co-Founder, Brands.live Bhavesh Patel
from Brands.Live dropped this truth bomb - if you feel something's not gonna work, trust that feeling. Trying to push it when your gut says no? That's a no-go. It's all about trusting that inner voice.

2. *Asking Questions the Right Way*:

Sushil Agrawal - Founder & CEO, Saarthi Pedagogy Sushil Agrawal
, the brain behind Saarthi Pedagogy, shared a killer approach:

   - Are you even asking the right question?
   - Are you asking the right question to the right person?
   - And are you asking the right question to the right person at the right time?

Getting this right can really change the game.

These bits of advice are gold, making you rethink how you tackle things in your own journey. 

eChai isn't just about giving; it's a place where you gain loads, especially in ways you didn't expect.
From the earlier eChai SaaS Social with founder friends from the city at MagentaInsights HQ.

Small Group. Candid Conversations. Startup Folks.

Great to catch up with many new founder friends from Ahmedabad.

Vikas Mundhra & Vikalp Somani (MagentaInsights)
Yash Shah (Clientjoy)
Pankaj Bhimani (58Miles)
Kush Prajapati (Redicine)
Pratik Patel (Flo Mobility)
Himani Kankaria (Missive Digital)
Bhavik Makwana (ZenDevX)
Anuj Dalal (Zestard)
Mitesh Shethwala (Currently)
Harsha Bhurani (Hummingbird Consulting)
Jay Patel (Momentum Ventures)
Koumal Kalantry (Ankk Cares)
Swayam Raval (Admyre Club)
Nishi Jain (Vibes Good)
Niren Panchal (Brittman & Workex)
Foram Popat (HROne)

List of participants at https://echai.ventures/events/echai-saas-social-in-ahmedabad-feb-07-2024
eChai Ventures New York will be hosting the small gathering of founders and startups folks on 16th February, Friday from 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm EST.

Typically Founders, Startup Enthusiasts, folks from VC firms and corporate folks interested in exploring startup ecosystem attend these eChai Startup Socials.

eChai Startup Socials are volunteer driven small gatherings with founders and startup folks happening all over the world.

These meetups are free to attend and open for all.

It will be on pay-for-what-you-order basis.

Format: Small Group. Candid Conversations. Startup Folks.

Date & Time: 16th February, January. 6.30 pm to 8.30 pm EST.

Venue: Mr. Purple, 180 Orchard St 15th floor, New York, NY 10002, United States

For any queries you can reach out to Harsh Thakkar, Co-Founder, Wall over WhatsApp at https://wa.me/‎19175920677

Preferred eChai Business Partners

About eChai Business Partner Program:

eChai Ventures is a friendly global startup network that hosts engaging Startup Growth meetups in 10+ Countries and enables cross-border collaborations.

Key benefits:

  • Engagement at relevant in-person eChai Meetups (~4 meetups/year)
  • Listing on preferred eChai Business Partners page (1 year duration)
  • Feature on eChai.Ventures
You can reach out to Jatin Chaudhary, Co-Founder, eChai Ventures over WhatsApp or over email at [email protected] to explore more about it.